Scroll Turkey Rubber Stamp Artist Trading Card

November 23, 2011 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

Here is a sample of an ATC I made with the Turkey from our new Scroll Seasons set. The images on this set are smaller- perfect for an Artist Trading Card (ATC) or stamping on fondant!


As a follow up to our post on stamping on fondant, I tried using a blank stamp pad, and used the gel food coloring, and it seemed to stamp well. We will post pictures when I get some fondant to test it on &#59;)


Have a Wonderful Thankgiving, Everyone!!!


Smash Book Ideas- a Mash Up of ATC Creativity!

November 17, 2011 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

I have never been consistent about keeping an Art Journal. I have books scattered around, that I doodle or stamp or paint in, but I am more of a “scrapper”. By that I don’t mean scrapbooking &#59;) I play often, and I use scraps of paper to test my theories or practice my techniques (one of these days I am afraid I might be buried by my piles of scraps&#59;)). So when we decided to carry Smash Books, I wanted one for myself that I could use as my Every Day Scrapbook, but also use it like an Art Journal where I doodle and stamp and paint.

This week I was going to post some pictures of frames that I had used in my Smash Book. But then, something magical happened! I received my very first ATC (Artist Trading Cards) from a swap I did with the lovely ladies from the Kelly Rae Roberts class I took over the summer. The cards I received went so well with the frames I had worked on in my Smash Book, that it was almost as if they were chosen specifically for me! I will have much more on ATC’s in future posts, since we are all enamored of them and I will be participating in many more swaps!!

This week, instead of my original post, I decided to do a “Mash-Up” (and yes I love Glee!) of my Smash Book frames with those wonderful ATC’s. Enjoy!!


This first frame was a transfer I made using a print out from our new School Days Digital Kit . I used Claudine Helmuth’s Matte Medium and I was glad to see there was very little wrinkling. The Smash Book pages are pretty sturdy, I am happy to report…


and look how perfect the ATC from Kelley Miller works with it! See more work by Kelley at



This next Smash Book page, I spritzed with a mister I made using Dye Ink and Perfect Pearls Powder. That did come through to the other side a bit, where the spritzes were heavier. It also curved the paper a bit. But if I had wet the other side, I am sure it would curl back, and now after having the book closed, it isn’t too bad. All Artistic journals have pages that curl somewhat- if you use them that is &#59;) . Finally I printed a frame, cut from our Wedding/Anniversary Digital Kit, onto tracing paper and adhered it to the page using the Matte Medium. I love the way the tracing paper goes almost clear when you adhere it using gel medium…



And now look how perfect it goes with the cute ATC by Christina Fajardo! She can be found at



The final frame was, once again, made from a frame cut from our School Days Digital Kit and printed. This time I printed the frame onto water color paper, and then used Dye ink thinned with water to color the whole thing.



And just look at what a wonderful frame with makes for this adorable Birdie ATC by Cheryl Dossey! Cheryl is working on her site now, so I will update this post when she goes online &#59;).



I still need to journal, stamp and embellish some of these pages a bit more, but not too much, because I want the ATC artwork to SHINE! I hope you enjoyed this little “Mash-up” of ATC’s and Smash Books!! To see Easy Scraps Scrapbooking Kits and Rubber Stamps and the Smash Book products that we carry, please visit*

11/11/11 Thank a Veteran today!

November 11, 2011 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

To all the Veteran’s on this special Veteran’s Day, AND their Families, we would like to take the time to say THANK YOU!

Remember- Freedom is not Free!

Rubber Stamping on Canvas Paper

November 11, 2011 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

For those of you who stamp, especially if you are just starting out, you probably use card stock most of the time. But, why not try to use something different to stamp on? I needed to make a Sweet 16 card, and as usual had little time to do so. I looked around to see what I had laying around that I could use, and I spied a piece of canvas “paper” from a pad that I had painted with acrylic paints previously. This Canvas pad, comes with sheets of canvas that are pre-primed with gesso on one side. They are quick to use and so they work out great for playing! Here is the background…



This page didn’t have a lot of texture to it, but it did have some dimension because of the different colors of paint I used. I decided it would be great as a backdrop for stamping on. I used one of the Easy Scraps border stamps, and Versafine ink. I had no time for the stamp alignment tool- ok truth be told I couldn’t FIND my alignment tool under all the mess and projects I had scattered around &#59;)- so I held my breath and winged it. The ink stamped great on top of the paint, but I did need to allow some cure time for it to dry before I adhered the little embellishment- the Easy Scraps watch face stamped on card stock from that same play session.

I cut, and assembled and here is the result- not bad for 15 minutes!

Now, if you have more time- check out Easy Scraps latest additions to our web site- Smash Books by K&Company! We’ll have much more on thse products in future blog posts, so check back soon!

Beauty is Everywhere

November 1, 2011 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

Welcome, Blog Hoppers!! I was going to take the easy way out for this post and write up a technique about stamping with bleach. However, I decided to write a more thoughtful post, in honor of the fabulous Women I am connected to as part of this Blog Hop. I admit this is not my strong suit, but here goes…

I try to find Beauty in everything. Some days it is easier than other, but for the most part, I usually succeed. The Fly Girls that are part of this Blog Hop, make it so much easier to do that, these days ;) . I met them through an online class, taught by Kelly Rae Roberts. They are funny, energetic, caring, helpful, and best of all talented at what they do! There is never a shortage of posts on our Facebook group that contain something Beautiful- whether it is through words, or gestures or photos. It has been a whirlwind of activity and so much fun, so I would like to take this time to thank them for sharing themselves with me, and for all the Beautiful work they do. See the list below and follow along the Blog Hop to see their work- I am sure you will agree!

Scrapbooking affords me the luxury of documenting the Beauty I see in my family and friends. It is one reason I am passionate about that art form. I look at my children and see Beauty, and I feel the need to preserve that.

Starting a new business has shown me the Beauty of Friendship. There are several friend that have supported us from the very beginning-Karen, my mentor and friend,  Beth who was our first “Like” on FaceBook , Gail and Anne Marie who were our very first (and continuing) customers, and Karen who used our Rubber Stamps for her latest cupcake designs. Your continued support means the world to us!

But perhaps the first glimpse of Beauty came from my parents. We were not rich, and so never had “real” artwork on the wall, but we created things ourselves. That gift of appreciating hand-made things, has stayed with me and I am truly grateful for that. And I still receive that gift at Holidays and Birthdays, when my Mom makes me hand-made cards!

I hope that I can pass along the gift of appreciating Beauty to my Children. It is one of the most important things we can do for our kids, I believe. In this crazy, technology-driven, competitive world, they will need a way to satisfy their souls. What better way, than to be surrounded by Beauty- whether it is a simple hand-made card, the loving gesture of a family member, or the support of a friend. And if they are also associated with others that see and make room for Beauty in their lives, will then, their lives will be complete!!

My kids are always teaching me things, and just today, while I was cleaning off pictures from a digital camera, I found a bunch of pictures that my daughter had taken (1240 of them to be exact). And one theme emerged from those shots- that there is also Beauty in Fun! There are so many shots of my daughter and her friends, just being kids and enjoying their lives. It made me smile, it made me think, and it made me renew my quest to find not only Beauty, but also Fun in my life. So, to close out this post, I decided to share some of those shots, and to wish for all of you reading this-

Beauty AND Fun in YOUR lives!


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