Holiday Tag Ideas

December 23, 2011 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

My friend Gail and I had a couple of hours to play today. She had a great idea- use last year’s Holiday cards to make this year’s Holiday tags!! She cut them down using my Accucut tag dies, pulling out the most decorative parts of the cards. I think they came out so cool!! I luv’d this idea so much, that I think I am going to try to write a blog post and list ideas using Holiday Cards &#59;).

I would like to pass on a tip to you all, as you are scurrying about making last minute gift items. Like the Jolly Man, don’t forget to Check Twice!! I made a tag that I thought came out cool, and decided to give it to my friend, Karen. I decided to mount it onto a piece of card stock to give it a bit more body, but didn’t check twice before mounting. I missed the fact that one side already had printing on it, and of course that ended up on the outside, and so the tag was ruined. Well, I could mount it AGAIN, but if I had paid attention I would be done already!!

I used the Dress Form Rubber Stamp by Tim Holtz, and embossed it on the tag. Then I used Tim Holt’z tissue tape, which sticks to itself, folded it in half and used that to make a winter scarf for the dress form. Here is the result…

Sometimes happy accidents happen tho! I was working with a transfer technique onto glitter paper, and part of the image didn’t transfer. At first I thought it wouldn’t work for my project, but then when I looked at it again, rather than seeing part of the image missing, it looked like it was covered in snow! It actually worked great for a Holiday tag!

So, while you are working, remember- check twice, and you may save yourself some work. Look twice, and you may see the potential in a mistake.

Artist Trading Card Swap- Winter Theme

December 15, 2011 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

This year I didn’t make my Holiday Cards. Ok, truth be told, I actually DID make my Holiday Cards, I just didn’t make every single one of them. I made one and then had them printed. It was fun- I got to create, but I didn’t take up weeks making each one individually. I still like doing cards, so I may do them again another year, but I wanted to try the Photo Card method this year. I used to print my cards. It was not that expensive, and super fast and they came out great. And who knows- I may stamp the envelopes &#59;)

So, besides working on the Digital Downloads section of Easy Scraps, I still had a little bit of free time to participate in an Artist Trading Card swap. These tiny works of art are so much fun to make. I stamped, embossed, glittered, transfered, printed, cut, inked, painted and glued on these tiny cards. And as much fun as they are to make, they are even more fun to receive! I can’t wait to see which ones I get!! I check the mail every day, like a little kid, eager with anticipation!! I will post the pictures of the ATC’s I receive, but for now I thought I would share the ones I made and sent out. Enjoy….






And even more fun then making the ATC’s is the receiving of them!! Check out the fun Artist Trading Cards I received in this Winter Theme Swap-


Many Thanks to

Jill Lambert:

Sally Rose:

Melissa Carter:

for the wonderful cards!!

Digital Downloads- Stamps, Frames, Backgrounds, Cards and more

December 10, 2011 in Digital Related Posts, Photoshop Posts by Ursula Smith

Easy Scraps is happy to announce a new section of our web site- Digital Downloads!! Here you will find card fronts, frames, scrapbook pages, backgrounds, and digital stamps all ready to use in your digital projects.

There are images for Sports- soccer, basketball, volleyball and baton twirling. Coming soon, we will be adding more- hockey, lacrosse, baseball, football, track, cross country and more!  Currently, there are Thank you Coach cards and Holiday cards with lots more on the way. We will also be adding to our digital stamp section and our scrapbook page backgrounds.

Need a Thank You card for the end of the season party, tonite? Still haven’t finished your Holiday cards? Come visit Easy Scraps Digital Downloads, for already finished images. When you are short for time, use an Easy Scraps Digital Download! Just open in your favorite photo editor. If the editor supports layers, add other embellishments like photos and text. Then print and finish!! How easy is that!!

As always, we will feature blog posts with ideas using these new Digital Downloads.

All the images are ready to be used in your personal projects. If you wish to sell artwork using these items, please visit our Angel Policy page for usage guidelines.

So please visit our new section, and check back often, as we continue to add to the inventory!! Enjoy!!


Making Flocked Paper

December 9, 2011 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

Well, here is the video with my secret weapong for making flocked paper! Enjoy!!


Spend Time with Friends

December 5, 2011 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

I am so late with my blog post this past week, but I have a really good excuse for it! This past weekend I was fortunate enough to spend 3 days away with a great group of friends. In my mind, this is the best present a girl can get- better than diamonds, any day!!

We shopped, we worked out, we dined, we drank &#59;), and of course we crafted! Our little get away started 8 years ago as a weekend to get a jump start on shopping and to design and make our Holiday cards. We had so much fun, that the core group of us have made it back every year (and looking forward to next year!).

Perhaps the best part of the weekend, though are the heart to heart talks. We cover any range of subject matter, and we laugh (and cry sometimes), but we always leave feeling refreshed, re-energized, and we know that we always have each other to count on. I tell you, there is no better feeling in the world!!

So, if you don’t have a group of “besties”, make some quick! and if you do- grab them and schedule a get away weekend. Don’t let kids, husbands, jobs, etc get in the way! You spend energy on them 362 days of the year, so take those 3 other days for yourself and your friends. Your attitude will be uplifted and your family will thank you for it, I promise!!