Kraft Glassine and Inka Gold Resist

January 28, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts, Video Posts by Ursula Smith

I got distracted (haha- happens a lot &#59;) ) and forgot to follow up with some other techniques involving Tim Holtz Kraft Glassine and Inka Gold past. I love the look of the 2 of them together. So here is a second idea with the two of them. There are a couple of other quick ideas that I will add to over the next couple of weeks.


If you would like to view other some of my other ideas with Kraft Glassine, you can search for posts in my blog,  using glassine as the search term. But to get you started here is one of the posts: Gilded Grunge on Kraft Glassine

Rubber Stamping with Bleach on Cardstock

January 17, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts, Video Posts by Ursula Smith

This video shows you my technique for Rubber Stamping with Bleach on colored cardstock. Enjoy!

Some of the Rubber Stamps used here are available at my Shop.

Photoshop CS5 Puppet Warp With Content Aware Fill

January 17, 2012 in Digital Related Posts, Photoshop Posts by Ursula Smith

This is one of the videos that I mentioned in the previous blog post ( from Adobe TV. Bryan left out a little bit of information, whihc if you are used to Photoshop, you could read between the lines and know what he is talking about. However, if you are new to PS, you might be wondering where the extra arm and horn came from.

The steps he did initially were as follows:

  • Started with a picture of the boy with the horn
  • Duplicated the background
  • Isolated the boy from the background using selection techniques (magnetic lasso, quick mask,etc)
  • Saved the selection
  • Copied the boy from the background onto a new layer

That’s about where the move starts. So when he ends up with 2 arms and 2 horns, the second set is from the original background image, which still has the boy in the image. To watch the video, please go here….

Photoshop Hidden Gems

January 17, 2012 in Digital Related Posts, Photoshop Posts by Ursula Smith

If you haven’t found Photoshop Hidden Gems on Adobe TV yet, You need to check it out. These are quick little tutorial videos on features you might not know about, or combinations you might not have thought of. Really great stuff!! Enjoy!!

Brady VS Tebow- Hmmmmmmm

January 14, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

I am NOT a sports person, so if you have come here to get in-depth analysis of this Patriots VS the Broncos game, you have sooooo come to the wrong place! Exit stage left &#59;) I can give you in-depth analysis of stamps, inks, paints, etc, but sports- not so much.

So why am I even writing this post? Because there has been so much made of this matchup, but for me it is very personal. I am a wife, and a Mom and I have a Husband and Son on opposites sides.

For 4 years while Tim was in college, it was easy. My son just adored Tebow, and so we became die hard U of Florida Gators fans for college football. We got him head to toe Gator Gear- even golf balls! My Husband grew up in Massachusetts, and so for the NFL games we were die hard Patriots fans. When they lost the Super Bowl to Manning, my Son cried. I think my husband wanted to cry as well, but was able to keep his emotions in check &#59;). For me, I usually pick the team with the cutest Quaterback. So, these were easy choices back then. I mean have you seen Tebow? And Brady? Come on- they are easy on the eyes &#59;)

So all season, my Son had been trading stats with my Husband on why Tebow is good, and when he started winning (a lot),  my Son at least had a leg to stand on. When Brady and Tebow met the first time, I really wanted to fly my Son out to Denver to see the game because, according to my Husband, no way would there be a re-match. My Son was convinced there would be another game, and made me promise to try to get tickets. Again, my Husband said no way would we be able to get tickets to it, even if it did happen. Well, here we are on game day, and we did get tickets (through a very well connected, and wonderful friend of my Husband’s). How crazy and lucky is that? My Son is just beside himself with happiness. See- dreams really can come true!! And so now the question for me is- who do I root for?

Brady VS Tebow- my usual strategy is not going to work. I mean have you seen Tebow? Have you seen Brady? If I were single (and young, LOL) I would go for Tebow for obvious reasons. C’mon- none of us had a shot at Brady with Giselle in the picture. But since I am married, with kids, and waaaaaay too old to be in the running, I need a new strategy.  Yardage, accuracy, completions- what, I listen!- none of that means much to me. They both seem to be nice guys, too. So, who to root for?

Brady VS Tebow- Hmmmmmmm. I’d love to go for the under-dog, but  my Husband says if we root for Tebow, and the Broncos win, we are going to be left at the stadium. He’s just kidding. I think. But just in case, I guess I have to go for Brady. It’s a looooong, cold walk back &#59;)

Follow-up: So by now, unless you live under a rock, I am sure you all know the end of the story. Brady and the Patriots won. By a LOT. I thought the back and forth between my Husband and Son would be over. But my Son remains un-deterred. He still can quote stats to support his argument on why Tebow is a great Quarterback. And now there is another discussion brewing over Brady VS Aaron Rogers. I am NOT getting tickets to THAT game if it happens &#59;)

Photoshop Clone Tool

January 12, 2012 in Digital Related Posts, Photoshop Posts, Video Posts by Ursula Smith

Sometimes there may be something in an image that you need to get rid of. The close tool can help by essentially painting over it with bits of the background. This usually is best for a small area of your image.

I did a video capture that shows a photoshop session during which I used the clone tool to eliminate a stick figure from an image. The basic steps are as follows:

  • Make sure you are on the correct layer- go to the layers pallette and choose the layer that contains the image you want to hide AND the image you want to cover over it with (the background).
  • If the background and the image you are trying to cover are on 2 different layers- merge the 2 layers. ANother way you could handle this is to copy the 2 layers as a single layer and then choose that layer. To do this- you will choose Select->All and then Edit->Copy Merged and then Edit->Paste. The new paster layer should me moved to the top (Layer->Arrange->Bring to Front). Make sure you are on that layer in the layers pallette.
  • Now choose the clone tool.
  • Hold down the ALT key and click an area of the background that you wish to “clone” in order to paint over the ipart of the image you wish to hide.
  • Let go of the ALT key and start to paint over the image. You should see the background painting over the image.
  • I usually lower the opacity of the brush to 50-80 percent and go over the area a couple of times in order to avoid a very obvious line of demarkation.
  • Continue to use this sequence- Hold down the ALT key and click an area of the background that you wish to “clone”. Then let go of the ALT key and paint over the area that you wish to cover. Choose different areas of the background to sample from so that there is better blending.


Here is the video example of my cloning session. Note that the red dot and the little mouse image are from the video capture software- you will not see these, and I apologize for the key clicks &#59;) :

Textures in Photoshop- Kim Klassen

January 9, 2012 in Digital Related Posts, Photoshop Posts by Ursula Smith

I give tips on PhotoShop or other technical things from time to time. But for those of you who would like to learn PhotoShop in a more structured way, especially how to create Textures, then check out Kim Klassen. She has a class going on right now that you can still register for. Check it out here- . Enjoy!!

Let It Be

January 8, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

Every one has different goals for the new year. Whether it is diet or exercise or smoking related, January is the time to try to make a fresh start, to drop your bad habits, to shake off the demons that haunt you. This year, I decided to join my Artist friends and choose a word for the year. I chose mine based on my New Year’s resolution- BE. It is a small word, but oh so powerful! It can be part of bigger words like Believe or Become. It can play a part in lyrics or famous quotes like “Let It Be” Or “To Be or Not To Be”.

For me, I need this word as a reminder- to be part of the present. I am a do-er. I am not satisfied unless I am busy. I am constantly late, because I try to get as many things done as I possibly can. The only time I am not maniacally trying to cram my minutes full of tasks, is when I am experimenting with my Art. I have very few minutes to do that however, and so much of my day is spent doing, or planning to do. Not surprisingly, I run rather than practice Yoga. Even my son has noticed my tendencies, and so instead of coming home and asking how my day was, he asks-“Did you get a lot done?”. Pretty telling.

Over vacation, my son asked me to watch a movie with him. At 13, he is straddling right on the edge of childhood and adulthood, but since it was the Holidays, his feet were firmly planted in the childhood zone.  I have to admit, I really didn’t want to sit down in the middle of the day to watch a movie, but since it was vacation, and there was noone around to do it with him, I felt like I should. However, instead of sitting and actually WATCHING the movie, I multi-tasked. I tried to steam some veggies, and I turned to my laptop to get caught up with my Artist friends on Facebook. My son noticed and kept pausing when the movie got to the important scenes, so that I wouldn’t miss anything. Finally he asked if I was almost done with my computer work. Feeling like an awful Mom for not enjoying the moment, I finally logged off, so I could pay attention. That lasted all of 10 seconds, because it was then that I realized the horrible smell emanating from the kitchen. It was of course what was left of the steaming vegetables, and a very ruined pan! And yet again, my son patiently paused the movie. At that moment, it came to me that I really needed to BE in the moment. I wanted to scrub that pan, but I left it to soak, made some Peppermint Hot Cocoa, turned on the fire and then sat and watched that entire movie with him, from start to finish, without another pause. It was a wonderful afternoon, and I realized how few I probably will have left with him, as he moves into the next stage of his life.

And so, my word for this year is Be. I BElieve, that I can BEcome a Be-er, instead of a Do-er. I resolve to BE in the Moment. Maybe I will even try Yoga &#59;)

I am not alone in choosing a Word for the Year. Please, follow along in our second Blog Hop to visit some of my Artist friends, and see what they have chosen and why. And then, maybe you want to join us? What would your word BE?

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