May brings Flowers

May 25, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

Flower Artist Trading Cards, that is &#59;)

It is just a fun time to get these little gifts in the mail. This month, I was lucky enough to receive ATCs for the theme, May Flowers. I had very little time this month, so I only did a couple of designs. I usually try to experiment with a new technique, or practice something I am trying to get better at, or try out a new product- you know, multi-task &#59;) But this month I had even less time than usual, so there are only a couple of designs. It is hard to tell, but to color in the centers of the flowers, I used the Gelli-roll Glaze pens that go shiny and 3 dimensional when they dry. Very fun!! It looks like embossing without the heat gun!

Here are the ATC’s I received- aren’t they so cheery and beautiful?


The talented Artists I received the ATCs from are as follows:


Thanks so much ladies for my cheery May cards!!

Gelli-Arts Class Stencils and Stamps

May 17, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

I taught the second in a series of three sessions in Playing with the Gelli Arts Printing plate. Just as it was in the first session, it was a great time!! A wonderful group of ladies joined me for a fun morning of mono-printing! I got to share my love of the printing plate, and they made some gorgeous backgrounds! In this class we used stencils and stamps. I brought along some of my favorite Easy Scraps stamps, and my stash of stencils I had designed. It was awesome to see what these creative woman did with them :)

One thing I do for stencils, is I make a lot of them just out of card stock. When they get covered in acrylic paint, they become sturdier, and actually hold up surprisingly well. Eventually, after I use the design a lot, I remake it using plastic.

I spaced and forgot to take pictures during the class, but managed to get a few at the end to share with you. I am going from memory here, which is not the strongest at my age, so hopefully I am not too far off on names, spellings, and credits &#59;). Take a peek at some of their creations…

Having a blast….

Take a closer look- there is additional texture in the chain link pattern in these backgrounds by Patty…

Here’s another one you need to look at more closely. The Celtic Knot prints by Mandy, on the far left and far right, were done later in the class and they picked up lots of residue. It was such a cool look- in person it had the illusion of an aged, rusted piece, even tho the colors were bright….

Gorgeous patterns by Cathy….

I loved this pattern made with the Wild Daisy stencil, so we zoomed in for a closer look…

I believe this print, using Wild Daisy also, was made by Margaret. It reminds me of the 4th of July…

Wild Daisy in progress. I think this might be by Cathy (number 2)?

This one was Judy’s favorite, made with Wild Daisy 2…

“Masking with stamps” example by Colleen. We loved the little bird….

Kim used my Bubble Wrap stencil (I just made this one out of card stock) on dictionary pages. Cool…

Stephanie’s pretty alphabet creations…

Joanne always uses the nicest, softest color palettes…

Thanks so much for joining me ladies!!!

Go through your stash

May 11, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

It is no secret that I am a piler, not a filer. Whenever I file things, I forget where I put them, or what my thinking was at the time to determine which folder, or closet or drawer to file the item away in. So inevitably, when I file something, it is lost to me. When it comes to crafts, I have many piles of scraps laying around from various experiments. Most of the time, it looks like a big ole mess, but sometimes those piles can be a good thing! Take this week, for instance. I needed to make a card for an Artist friend of mine. She happens to be one of the women I look up to when it comes to Arts and Crafts, and so I always want her birthday card to be special. I started her card, and with little time, of course everything went wrong. The last straw was dumping my coffee on the project!

So I turned to my stash. And with only a mild amount of digging, I found a foiled ATC that I had left over from a swap, and a card base that I had made during an encaustic session. They looked great together. The foiling on the ATC looked great against the waxy look of the encaustic background. Two minutes later I had a nice looking card. So filing is good for some folks, but me? I’ll stick with my pile system &#59;)

SSL process

May 6, 2012 in Digital Related Posts, Technical Tips by Ursula Smith

Today I wasted nearly a full day setting up SSL on since we now have a new cart system (basically a new site). If any of you are planning on setting up SSL on your site, read on…

What a pain!! I, at least understand the terms, but I had never actually performed the process before and the process is crazy! And so I set it up wrong, and had to go through my site trying to change/fix things so they would work with the new setup for HTTPS on our new cart.  If any of you are going to set up an SSL certificate, make sure your certificate is for the domain that your web site typically runs under. In non-geek speak, if you run your site as that is not the same as (without the www) when you go to apply for an SSL certificate. Unfortunately, the program I used to set it all up, defaulted to as the choice for the domain on which to set up the SSL certificate. So that’s what I went with. After I installed everything, and tested going too https: using, I got a very ominous warning. After hours of reading, I was unable to figure out a way to make that certificate I set up for work using HTTPS with

So, I basically re-worked a lot of the site to force you to just If you get to our store through the web site (which is basically how it should work) we are fine. Hopefully I caught all the places, and closed all the loops.

So- beware! Double check your domain BEFORE you order an SSL certificate!!

Note, also that if you use Chrome, trying to access an HTTPS page which references or links to other items using HTTP, then Chrome will force you back to HTTP, and you will see HTTPS crossed out in the browser. This makes no sense to me! Why would forcing a user back to HTTP, and potentially (if this is a login page) forcing a user to log in and send their information in the clear, be better than just popping up a warning (however annoying it is) like IE does??!!! Anyway, some potentials for causes of this conflict are:

  • images
  • CSS files
  • fonts
  • javascript files
  • twitter or facebook feeds or plugins

The best bet, is to strip down your login pages, or anything you want to serve over HTTPS to the bare minimum and to serve images etc, using relative paths (without the bit) to external files, in order to avoid the warnings. Anyway, hopefully you won’t run into any of the issues I did!!