Learning ATCs

August 31, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith


If you have been following along, you will know that I have been participating in Artist Trading Card swaps for the past 8 months or so. Well, this month I got to be hostess!! Being hostess is soooooo much fun!! The best part is seeing all the cards in person!! They are so much more beautiful, and elaborate in person than you are able to see in the scanned or photographed image of them. Seeing them all in person lined up is VERY impressive!!

I also quite enjoyed the envelopes they arrived in. Some were colorful, some were stamped, some had funny titles addressing me. I need to follow suit next time and make sure I make my envelopes just as fun and colorful!

This month we also started something new. We decided to have an inchie swap. An Inchies is just what it sounds like- it is a piece of art that is an inch square. And yes, as I reminded my buddies several times while trying to make an inchie of my own- an inch is VERY small &#59;). I spaced on getting pics of all the inchies, so I apologize. It is even more amazing to see how detailed the inchies can be!!

Here is the roll call of these gorgeous ATCs….

Learning ATC Swap

Kelly Hoernig http://www.kellyhoernig.com

Constance Rawlins  http://www.livingwithinyourharvest.com/blog

Mary Sterk: http://www.JustMaryDesigns.com

Janet Forrest http://www.tatterednworn.wordpress.com (she also made the apple inchie!)

Julie Borkosky: web site coming soon!!

Sally Rose http://sallyhow2.blogspot.com/

Karen Flanagan Claverie: http://giddyupletsride.blogspot.com

Jill Lambert http://jill-lambert.blogspot.com/

Susan Dietz: http://flutterbeforeyou.blogspot.com

Cheryl Dossey http://www.cheryldossey.com/

Deborah Eaton http://www.deborahgeaton.com/blog/ (she also made the cupcake inchie!)

Linda Kinnaman http://lindakaysart.com/blog


Here are the ATCs and the inchie I made for the swap…


Learning ATC Swap

Greek Stamps- Watercolor Backgrounds

August 23, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts, Video Posts by Ursula Smith

I promised my Mom I would post this video for her and her friends today. However we are still in the middle of a blog hop for Giving Back. If you are looking for that post, please follow this link to read more about it. Thanks!!

This video was made for my Mom and her friends- Hi Y’all! Hope you enjoy, even tho the quality isn’t the greatest. I really need a helmet camera or something &#59;)

Giving Back Blog Hop

August 19, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

It is the one year Anniversary of the group that was brought together by Kelly Rae Roberts class, Flying Lessons. We are hosting a blog hop in honor of that special occasion. I wrote my post on the new web site, Creative Clearinghouse, that  I am proud to have started with my friend and fellow alumni, Lori Leissner. You can read about it here-http://creativeclearinghouse.com/Online-Class-Reviews/blog/2012/386/Giving-Back

New Easy Scraps Stamps: Memories of Greece!

August 10, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

We just released a set of unmounted rubber stamps made from images that I photographed while on an amazing trip to Greece. Please check them out at http://easyscraps.com/EasyScraps-Store/Rubber-Stamps/Unmounted-Red-Rubber


Here are the images for preview…

I will post some samples made with these stamps in the coming weeks.

Sweet Summer Swap

August 2, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

It is that time of the month- ATC swap time, that is &#59;) . This month’s theme was “Sweet Summertime” and I loved the way the girls interpreted the theme. Lots of bright colors and all so very different subject matter. Have a look- aren’t they great?

They are from my friends:

Please check out their web sites!!

I ended up using this picture of my grandmother and my mom as a little girl. I printed out the picture on the Antique Ledger paper I ordered from my friend Kathleen’s Etsy shop (Upcycle and Remix ) and then colored it in a little bit. I layered it on a background made using the VersaMark Resist Technique. I used the Netting background from Easy Scraps’ All Seasons rubber stamp set. I embossed a couple of embellishments and here is my ATC…

Hope you are having a Sweet Summer!! Enjoy!!