Rubber Stamping with Copic White.

March 29, 2013 in Mixed Media Posts, Video Posts by Ursula Smith

This post is a follow up to last weeks post on Rubber Stamping on Window Screening.

I don’t know if you are like me, but I am constantly in search of materials I can stamp with, that will stamp on different surfaces, and will show up well. Usually I am search of  white or black. Given this criteria, I decided to try stamping with copic white ink, and it worked! Special Note: Make sure you clean your stamps immediately and well, and fair warning- this is messy so make sure you are wearing old stamping clothes!! Or what you have on may become your new stamping clothes &#59;)


PS- here is the link to see how I use felt for stamping with paint and bleach. And now Copic White Ink &#59;)

Rubber Stamping on Window Screening

March 21, 2013 in Mixed Media Posts, Video Posts by Ursula Smith

Ok- here’s a weird experiment (but it led to a cool discovery which I will show you next week). I tried coming up with a way to stamp directly on window screening. It worked ok, but my current experiment worked better, so I will let that dry and blog about that next time &#59;).

I had been playing around with stamping on tissue paper (see blog post here), and blogged about that a few weeks ago. Then I tried adhering the stamped tissue paper to window screening, using Gel Medium. which looked very cool. So this was an experiment to see if I could save a step and stamp directly on the screening. And I also tried cross stitch fabric. Enjoy!

ATC’s February Love

March 14, 2013 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

Hi everyone! I have had a productive couple of weeks and as a result, I have some fun video’s and a series on Photoshop that I will share over the coming weeks. But first, I always love to share the mini works of Art that my creative friends send me. These ATCs are so much fun to make, as I practice techniques that either I have discovered while playing, or that I have learned from the classes I have taken online. Even better is receiving the small gifts of love each month from my talented friends!

This month the theme was Valentines/Love and so I went with the typical Valentine color scheme rather than with the typical heart motifs. I experimented with Yupo and Twinkling H2O’s after taking Jodi Ohl’s online class. You can read more about the class here at Creative Clearinghouse. I painted the background using watercolor techniques that Jodi taught us. Then I used one of Easy Scraps new Scroll Tile Rubber Stamps to stamp on top of the color, using White Stazon Ink. It wasn’t as crisp and clear as I would have liked, so I over-stamped it using a different color Stayzon Ink (black in some cases and purple in others). That ended up giving almost a 3 dimensional look to the stamp, because I didn’t try to line it up perfectly, so some of the white showed around the darker color.

Here is my ATC:


February 2013 ATC- Twinkling H2O's on Yupo Paper

February 2013 ATC- Twinkling H2O’s on Yupo Paper


and here are the other lovely ATC’s I received. Aren’t they great?!!


February 2013 ATCs

February 2013 ATCs
Many Thanks to:

Thanks Ladies!!! MWAH!!!!!!!


More Rubber Stamped Tissue Paper and Gesso

March 7, 2013 in Mixed Media Posts, Video Posts by Ursula Smith

Hi All! I realized that I missed the last section of the video on painting on top of the gesso’d and stamped tissue paper, so this week I am following it up with the last piece of the video. If you wish to watch the first portion, you can find it here.


Windows 8 Metro Freezes

March 7, 2013 in Digital Related Posts, Technical Tips by Ursula Smith

I finally got off the iPad band wagon, since I kept running into frustrations over what it wouldn’t do in a mixed environment, like the one that we have at home with a mish-mash of PCs and i-appliances. So, I now own a windows 8  laptop with the new touch interface. Theree is a learning curve, and as usual, Microsoft made some completely dumb-ass decisions like eliminating the POP interface for the mail tile, and making it difficult to use Google contacts and Calendar-Google stopped supporting the Microsoft  sync methodology, and Microsoft isn’t supporting Google’s and so we users are left with 3 important tiles that don’t work out of the box. I got the contacts and calendar sync to work sort of-ish, by hooking up a Microsoft Live accoutn to my Google, so that is at least acceptable.

Other than that I was totally loving my new laptop, until today. I rebooted and the Metro interface stopped working. Just stopped. I could not do anything! I am not even sure what I would have done, except that luckily I had set up a local user, which boots into the desktop or non-touch/Metro UI. From there, I could boot into Safe mode and I was able to determine that everything was ok on the Windows side of things. There was a notice to check the last programs that were installed, which I thought I knew what they were and had already un-installed. But it turned out, that I had forgotten that I had installed PhotoShop CS6. Some of the programs that Adobe installed for PhotoShop, that were set up under the Start up service were causing the issue.

So BEFORE you run into an issue with Metro, I would suggest the following:

  • Create a local Account
  • I would even suggest you search the Internet for how to boot into Desktop mode, and then go to Metro when you want. This may be an extra step if you really love Metro, tho. I installed a Shell program that sets up the old-style Start Button, and from there I was able to configure to start in Windows Desktop mode, but there are other ways of doing this.
  • If you have Adobe CS6 installed, look at the StartUp processes and disable the Adobe ones (from memory, it is something like: Ctrl-X->Task Manager->Run->msconfig-> and then look at the StartUp tab).

Ohter than these few glitches, I loved getting back control with a Windows 8 convertible! Good Luck!!

Rubber Stamping with Tissue Paper and Gesso

March 1, 2013 in Mixed Media Posts, Video Posts by Ursula Smith

Hi Everyone! I has promised a few folks that I would film the technique of using Tissue Paper and adhering it to a background. I apologize for the dis-embodied voice, but I was under the gun to try to get some examples going, in between working, getting my work out and physical therapy done, picking the kids up etc, and so my hair was AWFUL and I had no makeup on ;-).

Lots of folks use this technique in collage and art journals. I also use it for cards because I can use cool old paper as a background, and it is super simple. I, of course, stamp on my tissue paper. I also tend to use clear Gesso, rather than gel medium to adhere. I find I like the consistency better and can do watercolor washes much more easily that way. The video warns you to be careful when adhering the tissue paper, because it can tear very easily. I forgot to mention though, that the tissue also ALWAYS wrinkles. Don’t even try to smooth it perfectly. Embrace that texture- it adds visual interest to your project :)

Here’s the video:

And here is a finished example:


Rosette Rubber Stamp Sample 1
Rosette Rubber Stamp Sample 1