Artist Trading Card Friends

September 26, 2014 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

I have a bunch of friends that swap Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) each month. We have dwindled down to a few hearty souls and have actually missed the past two months, but I have faith we will get back on track now that the summer is over. I really like doing ATCs, because ( and I have mentioned this before) these are the few projects that I actually complete. I love to try experiments, and so I have hundreds of scraps around that never seem to get made into anything. These little cards are fun, fairly quick and it provides me the assurance that I will do something creative at least once a month, and that it will be a finished project rather than a scrap.

I made an ATC from an experiment this month. A friend of mine is stenciling furniture, and she needed some stencils, so I cut her some using my digital cutter. I loved the Sea Horse stencil I designed, so I turned it into a cut-out as well, and then decided to make some ATCs from those. I filled the cutout with liquid gel to give it some dimension and then put it on a background from a Gelli Arts Printing Plate print. The print was actually flowers, but since it was mostly covered up, and it was the right colors, I went with it ;) . A few twig shapes to look like seaweed/coral and I was good to go.

Here’s a pic of the ATC:

Gelli Arts Print Seahorse ATC

Seahorsc ATC


One of these ATC friends is working with me on the Cre8ive Klatch collaborative project. You can visit and read all about her here!

Now I am off making sea shells and more beach related designs!!

New Rubber Stamps!

September 21, 2014 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

Hello friends! I’ve been having some fun playing with some new designs and finally got a chance to post some of my new Rubber Stamp sets! These work great for ATCs, Cards, Journaling, Scrapbooks, Gelli Art printing, and other Mixed Media work.

Check them out in the Shop!


Fern Scroll Rubber Stamps

Fern Scroll Rubber Stamps

ATCs Rubber Stamps

ATCs Rubber Stamps

Woven Frames Rubber Stamps

Woven Frames Rubber Stamps

Map Rubber Stamps

Map Rubber Stamps

Coffee Tea Rubber Stamps

Coffee Tea Rubber Stamps

What Mess?

September 18, 2014 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

Seth Apter had a great idea of sharing our messy work spaces with each other. Come on- if you are a creative, I know you work like I do- working and leaving bigger and broader piles of stuff until you are relegated to a tiny corner of your table. “Can’t stop now to clean or I may lose this moment of inspiration” you might think, or if you are like me and only get 5 minutes here and there to create, I am NOT about to spend those 5 minutes CLEANING!!!

Anyway, I signed up for this challenge to take pictures of my messy space and share them with my fellow creatives on Seth’s blog. I had just finished a huge cleaning binge due to a house project, but that was a week ago, so I thought surely my work space would be back to its usual messy state of affairs by now! Well, not exactly. I had a crazy busy week of non-stop work (real work, not fun work ;) ) and so I barely made it down to my craft room since I signed up for this challenge. So, the pictures of my space are not really all that bad! At least in comparison to what they usually are. Don’t worry though! Give me a few weeks and it will be a disaster area again, I am sure!!


This picture is over by my cutting area. It is usually covered in paper, but it isn’t half bad right now!

Seth Apter-Messy-Work-Space_0002

This space is normally covered in paper!


This is my desk which you usually can’t see for stamps, paints, Gelli Art plates, paper, tissue papers, wipes, etc. I did a great job of cleaning, don’t you think? :)

Seth Apter-Messy-Work-Space_0004

You can actually see my desk!!


Ok- here are my Pocket Rocket bags, packed and ready to roll. I am so organized, right? Ha! You would be wrong! I have no idea what is in those bags, and they are not organized by media, topic or anything else of the sort. That would be a great idea though! ;)

Seth Apter-Messy-Work-Space_0007

What’s in the bags? Damned if I know!


So check back in a few weeks, and I will show the real me and how I normally work!


My Creative Friends

September 11, 2014 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

I have some of the best, most creative friends!! As I have explained in other posts, I am part of a fun collaborative project called the Creative Klatch. Here is a list of my friends…


Susan's Art Circus
Leissner Art

Mary Macilvain

Cat Athena Louise

Shells in the Bush

Hidden Talents

Jill's Dream

Purpleberry Designs

Sugarplum P'work

Bird In a Tree

Linda K

Joana Carvalho

A Paper Addict

Creativity Tribe

Check them out and look for more from all of us at Creative Klatch!

Cre8ive Klatch

September 11, 2014 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be part of a collaborative project with some talented friends of mine! We all met in an online class and have shared 2 years worth of our creative ideas, projects, mishaps, and successes. We talk about life, love, art, work, home, health, and all sorts of other things. We adore the circle that we have become, and we hope to expand that circle and engage others in our new “Cre8ive Klatch”.

Our logo includes a coffee cup. Why the coffee cup? Listen and find out :)

Ready to join in? Check out more about me on the Cre8ive Klatch page, and then meet my friends as they introduce themselves over the next few weeks. In November, there will be fun projects in all sorts of different art mediums and styles. Come join the Cre8ive Klatch and be part of our circle!


Cre8ive Klatch Intro

September 2, 2014 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

Cre8ive Klatch- Connecting thru Cre8ivity

Cre8ive Klatch- Connecting thru Cre8ivity


I hinted last week that I was going to be part of a collaborative project and we are starting to introduce it over the next couple of months. The name of the project is call Cre8ive Klatch and it is a virtual coffee klatch for creative souls. I belong to a facebook group of creative women, and over the past few years we have shared many ideas, business plans and advice, as well as personal support and fun. It has been a mind blowing experience to have a bunch of like minded individuals connect without ever meeting in person (although some of us have met when we travel, and we do Google Hangouts occasionally in order to see each other). I have to say that I never would have thought I would have been so involved with a virtual group. I am typically the type of person where I don’t text, I call, and even better, I stop by. I hate video games, and facebook apps. But this group really intrigued me. I don’t have a lot of friends who are as crazy about exploring their creative side as me, and so finding a whole group of them who “get” me was awesome!

So after spending a few years sharing our art, and some of our life, we have decided to ” take this show on the road” ;) . A bunch of us decided to try to create a new, larger, more extensive group pulling in other like minded souls to meet, create, share and learn. Over the next few weeks you will meet the group, and learn a little bit about their art, their process, and their personalities. After that, we will start sharing some tips, some projects and some ideas. Some will be short, some may be a bit more extensive, some will be for beginners, some may be a bit more advanced, and many of us use different mediums. In other words, there should be plenty of variety :) .

In our busy lives, it takes a concerted effort to have some down time. It is important for self-care to have something that is fun, and creative, and, well just not work! And if you can do it with a group of people that share the same passions, then all the better. So take those few minutes a week for yourself. Create and Connect. We hope you join us, and spend some of your free time with us- learning, and sharing and growing creatively. I personally look forward to meeting you all!

Check out our Introduction to the project here!