Carving Stamps- My Technique

January 14, 2015 in Mixed Media Posts, Video Posts by Ursula Smith

Last week I posted about transferring designs to my favorite stamping material, SpeedyCarve by Speedball. If you didn’t catch that post, you can find it here. This week I decided to go ahead and show you a few tips on the actual carving. There are tons of tutorials on carving stamps, so this is just my take on it- some tips especially for carving curved designs.

If you have stamp carving material left over, check out one of my ideas for using it over on Cre8ive Klatch.



Rubber Stamp Carving Rosemal Image

Rubber Stamp Carving Rosemal Image

Carving Stamps- Transfer Your Design from Cutouts

January 8, 2015 in Mixed Media Posts, Video Posts by Ursula Smith

I have been carving up a storm the past few weeks! I was already back into the stamp designing/carving groove when I watched a video by Anne Bagby. Her stamps designs look a lot like the ones I carve/make! Her artwork is gorgeous, and it inspired me to finish up my carving and get back to  working with my stamps. So I will plan to release a few posts about the actual stamp carving process and I then hope to have more projects that are blog post worthy to show in the future :) .

Here is a discussion on what stamp material I like to use for carving and how I transfer my designs to the material. Please note that both of the carving blocks of “rubber” I use are made by Speedball. I particularly like the pink material which is actually called Speedy Carve. In the video, I keep referring to the white material as SpeedyCarve, when in actuality the white material is called SpeedyCut. My apologies and hopefully that will clear up any confusion!


Here is a smattering of stamps I have been playing with…

Hand Carved Stamps Sampling

Hand Carved Stamps Sampling

Micaceous Iron Oxide Stenciling

December 31, 2014 in Mixed Media Posts, Video Posts by Ursula Smith

I have been promising my Mom this video for a while! Well, at least I made it before the New Year started ;) .

In this video, I use Micaceous Iron Oxide paint with my own stencils in order to achieve a similar look to the tag that I posted over here in Cre8ive Klatch. In that post I used an embossing folder to add texture to the Micaceous Iron Oxide paint. However, I wanted to be able to use my own designs and achieve a similar look. Since I am not blessed with a manufacturing company that can make embossing folders from my designs ;) , I decided to use a different process. This is a similar process to another card I a made not too long ago where I used Molding paste and a stencil. In this video, I used the modeling paste and Micaceous Iron Oxide paint. There are 2 techniques, but the one where I use the paint directly through a stencil is the quickest and easiest and it looks awesome. The other way is to paint the Micaceous Iron Oxide on top of a stenciled design made with the molding paste- good if you have one of those laying around. Either way works, and it is quick and easy!



These pictures hopefully give you a good view of what the painted, stenciled paper looks like after the process…

Micaceous Iron Oxide Painted and Stenciled Card 1

Micaceous Iron Oxide Painted and Stenciled Card 1

Micaceous Iron Oxide Painted and Stenciled Card 2

Micaceous Iron Oxide Painted and Stenciled Card 2

Micaceous Iron Oxide Painted and Stenciled Card 3

Micaceous Iron Oxide Painted and Stenciled Card 3

This is another “Take 5″ project- it only takes 5 minutes- although you do need to account for drying time. Give it a shot- it’s super easy and looks fabulous! Enjoy!!


And I wish all of you a wonderful, Happy New Year in 2015!!

Merry Christmas!!

December 25, 2014 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

For those who celebrate- Merry Christmas! And to everyone- I hope you have a fantastic 2015!

Carved Stamp Penguin

Carved Stamp Penguin

Upcycling Gift Bags

December 19, 2014 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

I just wrote a post for the collaborative project I am part of called the Cre8ive Klatch about stamping on gift boxes. (You can find that post here.). I am actually not a fan of stamping on gift bags however. They usually have too many folds in them and are pretty difficult to get a clean stamp impression. But sometimes, you really need a gift bag makeover ;) and that is where paint and molding paste are your friends!

I used a stencil and ran molding paste through it onto this gently used gift bag. After the paste dried I painted over the stenciled image, and wiped some of the paint off the raised design. It ended up looking like this:

Molding Paste Upcycled Gift Bag

Molding Paste Upcycled Gift Bag


Of course you could always do the same thing to a gift box:

Molding Paste Upcycled Gift Box

Molding Paste Upcycled Gift Box


I am working on a video to show how to use a stencil with paint and molding paste so look for that in the next few weeks! Enjoy!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

November 27, 2014 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith



Fall Church Thanksgiving


It’s the start of the Holiday Season! I am so grateful for everyone and everything in my life. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Get your Cre8ive Mojo On!

October 31, 2014 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

As I have mentioned in a few posts, I joined up with some friend to do a collaborative sharing project where we share tips, ideas, techniques, examples and bits of our lives in order to inspire others to join us and be creative. This week Susan posted about how we all try to become unstuck and get back to creating. You can see the post on Cre8ive Klatch by clicking here.

There were lots of ideas, and mine was kind of lame- drive and read. I thought about it afterwards and realized there are other things I do to get my creative mojo on. Of course I should have mentioned that I was one of the MANY,MANY videos I know own and have learned about through Creative Clearinghouse (a site I run with one of my Cre8ive Klatch friends). Just the other day I was watching a class by Chris Cozen, and I learned something that made me want to rush to my supplies and try it!

This week is Halloween, and holidays always are inspiring. There are magazine articles, fun things in stores, and pictures on Facebook and Pinterest to inspire me. Playing around in Photoshop is another way for me to get creative. I take a photo or scanned image and I just start to play- combining, changing etc.

This week I combined a few of these techniques. I wanted to make a Halloween card for a friend on mine. I watched a quick bit of a video to refresh my mind on painting techniques, drew and painted a girl, hated her, but kind of liked the idea So I drew and painted another one. Still hated her, but I brought her into Photoshop and played.

Here was my original…

Owl Girl 2

Owl Girl 2


I had this idea of a girl with wild crazy blowing hair, with an owl on her shoulder. Then I decided I wanted her eerier, with eyeballs in her hair etc. so I brought her into Photoshop. I combined her with a stencil of mine, a background made from a Gelli Art printing plate session to give it even more texture, and added the eyes and also played with color and saturation. Here is how she has turned out so far…

Owl Girl 2

Owl Girl 2


She still needs work, but I have now run out of time since it is Halloween eve and time for Trick or Treating, but I had some fun painting and creating even if my friend never does get her card ;) .

Happy Halloween!!!!

Artist Trading Card Friends

September 26, 2014 in Mixed Media Posts by Ursula Smith

I have a bunch of friends that swap Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) each month. We have dwindled down to a few hearty souls and have actually missed the past two months, but I have faith we will get back on track now that the summer is over. I really like doing ATCs, because ( and I have mentioned this before) these are the few projects that I actually complete. I love to try experiments, and so I have hundreds of scraps around that never seem to get made into anything. These little cards are fun, fairly quick and it provides me the assurance that I will do something creative at least once a month, and that it will be a finished project rather than a scrap.

I made an ATC from an experiment this month. A friend of mine is stenciling furniture, and she needed some stencils, so I cut her some using my digital cutter. I loved the Sea Horse stencil I designed, so I turned it into a cut-out as well, and then decided to make some ATCs from those. I filled the cutout with liquid gel to give it some dimension and then put it on a background from a Gelli Arts Printing Plate print. The print was actually flowers, but since it was mostly covered up, and it was the right colors, I went with it ;) . A few twig shapes to look like seaweed/coral and I was good to go.

Here’s a pic of the ATC:

Gelli Arts Print Seahorse ATC

Seahorsc ATC


One of these ATC friends is working with me on the Cre8ive Klatch collaborative project. You can visit and read all about her here!

Now I am off making sea shells and more beach related designs!!

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