Digital Cutter Packing Tape Pickup

April 13, 2015 in Mixed Media Posts, Video Posts

I love my digital cutter! I use it to cut stencils and embellishments for cards, ATCs and other Mixed Media projects. However, I am often left with little pieces that can be somewhat wasteful.  I really wanted to find a way to use some of those remaining pieces, especially now that I am using paper that is a bit more expensive (although awesome! It’s from Digital Arts Studio Seminar- more on this in another post).

Packing tape and sticky paper to the rescue! Here is my experiment with what I am calling Packing Tape Pickup ;) . Enjoy!


Here was the ATC I was making with the cutout…

Seahorse ATC

Seahorse ATC

and here are the scanned images of the packing tape pickup. Sorry- they look better in the video and real life because of the shimmer :)

Silhouette  Pickup Leftover Pieces

Silhouette Pickup Leftover Pieces

Silhouette Packing Tape Pickup 1

Silhouette Packing Tape Pickup 1

So grab your packing tape and sticky paper and start using all of your digital cut masterpieces!!

New Rubber Stamps!

September 21, 2014 in Mixed Media Posts

Hello friends! I’ve been having some fun playing with some new designs and finally got a chance to post some of my new Rubber Stamp sets! These work great for ATCs, Cards, Journaling, Scrapbooks, Gelli Art printing, and other Mixed Media work.

Check them out in the Shop!


Fern Scroll Rubber Stamps

Fern Scroll Rubber Stamps

ATCs Rubber Stamps

ATCs Rubber Stamps

Woven Frames Rubber Stamps

Woven Frames Rubber Stamps

Map Rubber Stamps

Map Rubber Stamps

Coffee Tea Rubber Stamps

Coffee Tea Rubber Stamps

Gelli Arts Hand-y work

May 23, 2014 in Mixed Media Posts, Photoshop Posts

I know folks have used their Gelli Arts printing plate to print on a LOT of things, but after my last play session, I happened to glance down at my gloves. They were so cool looking! Here is what it looked like…

Gelli Arts Printed Hand start

Gelli Arts Printed Hand start

I decided to bring it into Photoshop and play around with it, until I arrived at something like this…

Gelli Arts Printed Hand

Gelli Arts Printed Hand

I liked it so much, I decided to add it in as design for a new set of Moo stickers that I use for the backs of my ATCs for a group I belong to…

Gelli Arts Printed Hand Sticker

Gelli Arts Printed Hand Sticker

I know, I know- it is bad enough that we won’t throw away scraps of paper, now we have to save gloves? Or you can just scan in your Hand-y work instead :).

ATCs April 2013 and Mother’s Day

May 16, 2013 in Mixed Media Posts

This past week was a fun one. I received ATCs in the mail from our April swap and Mother’s day cards too! I love getting real cards, especially hand made ones, in the mail. Nothing will make you feel more special than receiving something that was hand made by another.

Here is the beautiful Mother’s Day card, I received from my Mom:


Mother's Day Card


And she used EasyScraps stamps ;-). Thanks Mom!!

April’s theme was Springtime in Paris. I chose to use an old photo and add some parisien images, and then I colored it with Pan Pastels. I love using Pan Pastels for their soft look, but they have great coverage!

Here is my ATC:


April 2013 ATC Paris Theme


And here are the ATCs I received in the swap! Such different interpretations of the theme!


April 2013 ATCs Paris Theme


Many thanks to:

Kim- was our lovely Hostess this month!




and of course our special girls: Isabella, Bea, and Hannah!! Thanks ladies!!!

ATC’s February Love

March 14, 2013 in Mixed Media Posts

Hi everyone! I have had a productive couple of weeks and as a result, I have some fun video’s and a series on Photoshop that I will share over the coming weeks. But first, I always love to share the mini works of Art that my creative friends send me. These ATCs are so much fun to make, as I practice techniques that either I have discovered while playing, or that I have learned from the classes I have taken online. Even better is receiving the small gifts of love each month from my talented friends!

This month the theme was Valentines/Love and so I went with the typical Valentine color scheme rather than with the typical heart motifs. I experimented with Yupo and Twinkling H2O’s after taking Jodi Ohl’s online class. You can read more about the class here at Creative Clearinghouse. I painted the background using watercolor techniques that Jodi taught us. Then I used one of Easy Scraps new Scroll Tile Rubber Stamps to stamp on top of the color, using White Stazon Ink. It wasn’t as crisp and clear as I would have liked, so I over-stamped it using a different color Stayzon Ink (black in some cases and purple in others). That ended up giving almost a 3 dimensional look to the stamp, because I didn’t try to line it up perfectly, so some of the white showed around the darker color.

Here is my ATC:


February 2013 ATC- Twinkling H2O's on Yupo Paper

February 2013 ATC- Twinkling H2O’s on Yupo Paper


and here are the other lovely ATC’s I received. Aren’t they great?!!


February 2013 ATCs

February 2013 ATCs
Many Thanks to:

Thanks Ladies!!! MWAH!!!!!!!


ATCs- a calm in the Holiday storm

January 5, 2013 in Mixed Media Posts

Winter ATCs 2013

What a happy way to take a break during the Holiday season- receiving Artist Trading Cards! I was in the midst of Holiday madness, when I opened the envelope, hardly even paying attention to what it was. As soon as I saw the pretty little cards, a huge smile broke across my face. I really wish everyone could have the fun that we are having exchanging these little gifts of Art each month.

The Holidays can be a bit stressful, and downright unhappy for some folks. I bet if they received the ATCs I did, they would do the same thing I did- smile and spend a few fun moments cherishing each one before heading back into the Holiday madness!

I received these ATCs from:

October Halloween ATCs

November 10, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts

Well it is that time of the month! Time for Artist Trading Card show and tell! This month’s theme was Pumkins/Halloween. It was a really fun one. I decided to try my hand at drawing for the two young girls that have joined our swap. I made the rest of the ATCs a little more spooky. But all of them had a touch of Glow in the Dark Vinyl which you can’t see here, unfortunately.

I loved the cards I received! The are all so unique!

Here are the cards I made…


Halloween ATC

Halloween ATC with Glow in the Dark Vinyl and Cemetery stamp


October ATCs- Little Girls with Pumpkins

October ATCs- Little Girls with Pumpkins


and here are the awesome cards I received!!


Halloween Pumpkin ATCs

Halloween Pumpkin ATCs Received


Here is a list of the talented ladies I received these ATCS from. You can check out more of their work on their web sites:

Hilary Courson-

Connie Rawlins-



Lynda M. Metcalf-

Artist Trading Card Swap- Harvest theme

October 4, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts

Hi all,

It is another Artist Trading Card swap month! I just love getting these in the mail!! This month’s theme was “Harvest”. It was a difficult theme for me. I didn’t have anything that screamed harvest to me. And then I thought about what Harvest means. It means (paraphrasing here) “to gather”. One of the best things about the Kelly Rae Robert’s class was the group that I became friends with through Facebook. I never thought of that as an outcome of taking an online class, but that is exactly what happened. And now I am part of several groups with different interests, one of them being the ATC swap group. They are a great group of people, I love hearing their thought, watching their dreams come to fruition, and sometimes we need to lean on each other for advice, either buisness or life related.

Anyway, that is a long winded explanation of how I cam up with my ATC finally for the swap. “Harvest Friends” was the title and since I am not good enough at drawing (espeically on smaller canvases) to draw a group of friends, I used Easy Scraps’ Scroll Pumpkin and Scroll Floral Border stamps. I used colored pencils and ink pads to color and shade.


Why not take an creative class of your own? You never know what friends are out there waiting to be harvested ;-). Visit to find an online class or review of a class that you might want to take!

Here is the ATC I made:



And Here are the ATCs I received:



Many thanks to-

Julie Borkosky

Kelly Hoernig (who, as a side note, I get to meet tonite!!)

Deborak Eaton

This month we had special guests- Bea and Hannah Stockwell!! They did such a GREAT job!!!