Carving Stamps- My Technique

January 14, 2015 in Mixed Media Posts, Video Posts

Last week I posted about transferring designs to my favorite stamping material, SpeedyCarve by Speedball. If you didn’t catch that post, you can find it here. This week I decided to go ahead and show you a few tips on the actual carving. There are tons of tutorials on carving stamps, so this is just my take on it- some tips especially for carving curved designs.

If you have stamp carving material left over, check out one of my ideas for using it over on Cre8ive Klatch.



Rubber Stamp Carving Rosemal Image

Rubber Stamp Carving Rosemal Image

Carving Stamps- Transfer Your Design from Cutouts

January 8, 2015 in Mixed Media Posts, Video Posts

I have been carving up a storm the past few weeks! I was already back into the stamp designing/carving groove when I watched a video by Anne Bagby. Her stamps designs look a lot like the ones I carve/make! Her artwork is gorgeous, and it inspired me to finish up my carving and get back to  working with my stamps. So I will plan to release a few posts about the actual stamp carving process and I then hope to have more projects that are blog post worthy to show in the future :) .

Here is a discussion on what stamp material I like to use for carving and how I transfer my designs to the material. Please note that both of the carving blocks of “rubber” I use are made by Speedball. I particularly like the pink material which is actually called Speedy Carve. In the video, I keep referring to the white material as SpeedyCarve, when in actuality the white material is called SpeedyCut. My apologies and hopefully that will clear up any confusion!


Here is a smattering of stamps I have been playing with…

Hand Carved Stamps Sampling

Hand Carved Stamps Sampling

Carving Stamps

January 11, 2013 in Mixed Media Posts, Video Posts

With a little bit of help from my son, I did a quick tutorial on how I carve stamps. There are tons of videos on how to carve stamps (plus I had no more room on my phone!), so I whizzed through this tutorial. I used a very simple die cut shape in this tutorial, for speed purposes, but the same concepts apply to a more intricate design, as well. In that case, you would want to use the smaller carving blades. Even with the smaller blades tho, it will still have that “carved” look. That is, curved edges aren’t quite as smooth as manufactured stamps, straight lines tend to be a bit wobbly, and there are usually stray pieces of carved rubber sticking up so you get additional, ghost lines in your image. I tend to like all of that, so I loved carved stamps!

I have been experimenting with adding texture to my carved stamps, so I wanted to show how I make polka dot texture on my carved stamp in this tutorial.

Here are the results of my carving, and stamped images from the stamps. NOTE: make sure you clean up all the little shavings from your table before you stamp. The white carving block, especially, leaves little bits of rubber around and gets onto your ink pads. It adds more texture tho ;-)

Also, I don’t think I mentioned it in the video, but when I am fiddling around trying out textures, I used a little piece of the block to test it out first, before trying it on my carved stamp.


Carved Stamp Finished before Texture

Carved Stamp, finished, before adding Texture


Stamped image from Carved Stamp without Texture

Stamped image from Carved Stamp without Texture. This would be a great stamp to use the kissing off technique!


Here is my finished stamp with texture next to my tester piece:

Carved stamp and sample piece


Stamped image from Carved Stamp with Texture

Stamped image from Carved Stamp with Texture



Stamped image from Carved Stamp 2 with Texture

Stamped image from Carved Stamp 2 with Texture
Some friends of mine think carving stamps is a fun thing to do, as well. I will update this post with more as they come in so it will be a mini blog hop. Enjoy!