Salt Water Etching Copper

April 4, 2016 in Mixed Media Posts, Video Posts

Hi Everyone!

I have been off experimenting with lots of stuff- resin, molds, metal, etching etc. I showed some friends some of my experiments and they asked for some tips on how I did Salt Water etching on copper. There are loads of full tutorials on this subject with all the gory details on why and how this process works, so I just did a quick video on the items I used for the Salt Water etching process.

I started out with 9 volt batteries, as mentioned in many of the videos, but they quickly ran out of juice, so I went on to using a car battery charger. The one I used is 12 volts and it already comes with the negative and positive clamps already set up. In my video, it isn’t very clear in the section where I talk about the actual copper that I am going to etch. This piece of copper is place in the etching salt water bath, but there must be a piece of copper that sticks out of the water so that the positive (red) clamp can attach to the copper without the clamp going in the water. Most folks attach a piece of copper wire to the back of the copper to be etched with tape (since a lot of folks use tape on the back to protect it from being etched. I found that was a pain. Other folks drill a hole in the copper to be etched and make a hook from the wire and hang the copper piece from the wire. I didn’t want a hole in my bracelet blank. So, I used flat (thicker) bezel wire and hooked/wrapped the wire around the copper piece so that the wire was touching the copper and then the rest of the wire hooked over the edge of the container while the piece of copper could be sitting in the water. The red clamp could be attached to the wire  and that worked fine for the etching process.

I stress that caution should be used at all times when using this process. I do not touch any part of the set up, unless the battery charger is turned off. So first I get all the pieces set up, and only then do I turn on the charger while staying away from the salt water container. If I need to check or tweak something I turn the charger OFF and only then will I touch any part of the set up.

So with those dire warnings aside- here is the video. Enjoy!

Here are some of the items I have etched with the Salt Water process:

Salt Water Copper Etched

Salt Water Copper Etched

Salt Water Copper Etched

Salt Water Copper Etched

Greek Stamps on Shrink Plastic

January 25, 2013 in Mixed Media Posts

Today is Braggy friday! I am bragging about a husband and wife that are each amazing in their own right. And I happen to be the lucky recipient of their respective talents!

Susan is the own of Susan’s Charming Trinkets. She makes amazing jewelry, and this year became a design team member for Susan Lenart Kazmer. In the facebook group that sprang out of Kelly Rae Robert’s Flying Lesson’s class that we all took together, we know her as the Ice Queen. Ice Resin, that is!! When anything resin related comes up, Susan is the go-to gal!

Because Susan helped my friend Lori and I out when we were starting Creative Clearinghouse, I sent her some Easy Scraps stamps. I was amazed with what she did with them, and even happier that she sent the grand results to me!! Check them out:


Greek Rubber Stamped Shrink Plastic Earrings

Greek Rubber Stamped Shrink Plastic Earrings


I love them and wear them all the time!!

Now, if that talent wasn’t enough for one family, her husband Wendell is the owner of Slogbelly Studios where he creates iPhone/iPad apps for creative types. He made an app for Creative Clearinghouse and had to figure out how to make an app work with our dynamic site. We love the way it came out!! You can download it if you are running IOS 6, and then you can always have the latest and greatest classes at your fingertips!! Just search for Creative Clearinghouse in the Apple App store.

Yes, it is great to have friends! Even better to have talented ones ;-) .