Cre8ive Klatch

September 11, 2014 in Mixed Media Posts

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be part of a collaborative project with some talented friends of mine! We all met in an online class and have shared 2 years worth of our creative ideas, projects, mishaps, and successes. We talk about life, love, art, work, home, health, and all sorts of other things. We adore the circle that we have become, and we hope to expand that circle and engage others in our new “Cre8ive Klatch”.

Our logo includes a coffee cup. Why the coffee cup? Listen and find out :)

Ready to join in? Check out more about me on the Cre8ive Klatch page, and then meet my friends as they introduce themselves over the next few weeks. In November, there will be fun projects in all sorts of different art mediums and styles. Come join the Cre8ive Klatch and be part of our circle!


Old Fashioned Ladies Rubber Stamp Sample

February 24, 2013 in Mixed Media Posts

How much fun was it to open a birthday card, from my Mom, and see one of my Rubber Stamp images staring back at me?!! I decided to post the card as a sample-

Rubber Stamp Sample of Old Fashioned Ladies

Rubber Stamp Sample of Old Fashioned Ladies

Thanks, Mom :D

Carving Stamps

January 11, 2013 in Mixed Media Posts, Video Posts

With a little bit of help from my son, I did a quick tutorial on how I carve stamps. There are tons of videos on how to carve stamps (plus I had no more room on my phone!), so I whizzed through this tutorial. I used a very simple die cut shape in this tutorial, for speed purposes, but the same concepts apply to a more intricate design, as well. In that case, you would want to use the smaller carving blades. Even with the smaller blades tho, it will still have that “carved” look. That is, curved edges aren’t quite as smooth as manufactured stamps, straight lines tend to be a bit wobbly, and there are usually stray pieces of carved rubber sticking up so you get additional, ghost lines in your image. I tend to like all of that, so I loved carved stamps!

I have been experimenting with adding texture to my carved stamps, so I wanted to show how I make polka dot texture on my carved stamp in this tutorial.

Here are the results of my carving, and stamped images from the stamps. NOTE: make sure you clean up all the little shavings from your table before you stamp. The white carving block, especially, leaves little bits of rubber around and gets onto your ink pads. It adds more texture tho ;-)

Also, I don’t think I mentioned it in the video, but when I am fiddling around trying out textures, I used a little piece of the block to test it out first, before trying it on my carved stamp.


Carved Stamp Finished before Texture

Carved Stamp, finished, before adding Texture


Stamped image from Carved Stamp without Texture

Stamped image from Carved Stamp without Texture. This would be a great stamp to use the kissing off technique!


Here is my finished stamp with texture next to my tester piece:

Carved stamp and sample piece


Stamped image from Carved Stamp with Texture

Stamped image from Carved Stamp with Texture



Stamped image from Carved Stamp 2 with Texture

Stamped image from Carved Stamp 2 with Texture
Some friends of mine think carving stamps is a fun thing to do, as well. I will update this post with more as they come in so it will be a mini blog hop. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas 2012

December 24, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts

My Holiday card was coming along fine with my owl Rubber stamps. However the kids were not exactly excited to pose for the picture to go inside of the card. Even with teens it is hard to get a good family Holiday picture. So this year I just went with what I had. Something to keep in your back pocket when your kids aren’t cooperating next time ;-)

Happy Holidays!!!


Accucut and The Rise of The Guardians

December 21, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts

I haven’t seen the movie, The Rise of the Guadians, but I want to. I know it is a kids movie, but the funny, little hat people make me smile every time I see them. And let’s face it, after this past, sad week, we all need a smile right about now!

Anyway, I was thinking of trying to make a Holiday card along the lines of the funny, little hat people. I didn’t end up going with that idea, but decided to share what I did. I used an Accucut die shape and used it in a different way.

Here is the accucut die that I used-

Accucut Christmas Tree Die

Accucut Christmas Tree Die

It is supposed to be a Christmas tree, but to me it also looked like the funny little hat people. So I used the die, cut apart the tree base to become feet, punched out a circle and drew a face behind it (you could also use a stamp if you can’t draw a face). And here is the result-


Accucut and The Rise of the Guardian

My Rise of the Guardian Hat person
Happy Holiday prepping everyone!!

Holiday Card Procrastination

December 1, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts

I am supposed to be working on my Holiday Cards, and making cards for a church thing, and prepping for a class, not to mention housework, laundry and other life/family stuff. So what did I do instead? I designed and made a stencil. Because, well that was going to help. Not.

And then because I really liked the way the stencil came out, I of course, had to pull out my Gelli Arts Printing plate, and try it. And then because I really liked one of the mono prints I made, I ,of course, had to scan it in to the computer. And then because I wanted to see how it looked layerd, I, of course, had to bring it into Photoshop and play with it.

I, of course, didn’t have to do ANY of those things. In fact, I shouldn’t have been doing any of those things. But I am glad I did, because I really liked the way the stencil and the prints came out. It was just like the kid’s storybook- “If You Give a Moose a Muffin”. So, next time I have a lot to do, I probably will end up making a stencil.

Here is the original mono print:



And here is the print I came up with in Photoshop:


Medallion Gelli Arts monoprint  blue

So Thankful!

November 22, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts

I am so thankful for being able to post here weekly and have fun products and great classes and especially artsy friends that inspire me!, and family that support me! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

Skeleton Bride and Groom- Halloween Fun

October 11, 2012 in Mixed Media Posts

This week I decided to have some fun with the Easy Scraps small Skeleton set. My friends are having their Halloween party on their Anniversary, so  I thought it would be fun to make a card in keeping with both themes.

I stamped the Skeleton pieces in such a way as to make it look like there are two of them, gazing into each other’s eyes and holding hands. I then cut a top hat out of black paper for the groom and added a piece of netting for the bride’s veil. The crown is a piece of the Rosette stamp from one of Easy Scrap’s new Greek rubber stamp set.

The background originally was plain white, and since I had the Skeletong images set up the way I liked them I wasn’t sure quite how to go about finishing the card. I could have scanned them and layered them over a background digitally, or cut them out and layered them over another stamped image. But then I decided to try to color using Pan Pastels. They are quick and easy to use and I was able to color around the Skeletons with not too much trouble. I think the card came out cute if I do say so myself ;-).


Skeleton Bride Groom RubberStamps

Skeleton Bride and Groom rubber stamped image colored using Pan Pastels


While I was playing around with the Pan Pastels, I had another card to make, so I used them to color in the stamped image of the little Girl. She is so sweet!


Little Girl Painting Rubber Stamp

Little Girl Painting rubber stamped image colored using Pan Pastels


I hope you have a great week! Happy Stamping!!