Silicone molds from Die Cuts

This is a quick idea ( 5 minutes or less so it is a great Take 5 task) on how to use die cuts to make silicone molds using two part silicone mold making material. It’s been quite a while since I’ve last posted, and I have been busy during the time away from this…

Bleached Out Tag- Take 5 Project

Here is something you can do with a Clorox bleach pen- and it doesn’t include doing laundry!! This works best with a fresh pen, but don’t forget good ventilation and/or a mask 😉 . Enjoy!! And here are the results… Bleached Out Tag

Micaceous Iron Oxide Stenciling

I have been promising my Mom this video for a while! Well, at least I made it before the New Year started 😉 . In this video, I use Micaceous Iron Oxide paint with my own stencils in order to achieve a similar look to the tag that I posted over here in Cre8ive Klatch….