Accucut and The Rise of The Guardians

I haven’t seen the movie, The Rise of the Guadians, but I want to. I know it is a kids movie, but the funny, little hat people make me smile every time I see them. And let’s face it, after this past, sad week, we all need a smile right about now!

Anyway, I was thinking of trying to make a Holiday card along the lines of the funny, little hat people. I didn’t end up going with that idea, but decided to share what I did. I used an Accucut die shape and used it in a different way.

Here is the accucut die that I used-

Accucut Christmas Tree Die

Accucut Christmas Tree Die

It is supposed to be a Christmas tree, but to me it also looked like the funny little hat people. So I used the die, cut apart the tree base to become feet, punched out a circle and drew a face behind it (you could also use a stamp if you can’t draw a face). And here is the result-


Accucut and The Rise of the Guardian

My Rise of the Guardian Hat person
Happy Holiday prepping everyone!!

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