Alcohol Ink Removed through a stencil 2

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Alcohol Ink Glossy Paper Ideas Stenciling on and Removing Ink

Hi all! This is an old video that I filmed years ago and never published. I am trying to release these in between current projects and experiments. I think they are still relevant and I may revisit some of the ideas since there are new products and I always have new ideas 😉 .

This is an experiment with alcohol ink, stencils and glossy paper and alcohol or Ranger Alcohol Ink Blending Solution. I am playing around with adding and removing color trough a stencil.

I use a piece of glossy paper that’s left over from another project and I am using Ranger Adirondack alcohol ink (in the color Stream). I almost never use alcohol ink directly on normal cardstock. I always use the glossy and it works great on metal as well. I put a few drops of alcohol ink on a  Tim Holtz applicator with the felt on it and color the background . When the background is to my liking, I remove the used felt and put on a fresh one. I then take a stencil and my applicator, and a different alcohol ink color and dab that new color through the stencil. Sometimes, as in this experiment where the design is a bit more detailed, I take the felt off the applicator and just use that. I should have had gloves on though!

You probably have to re-ink every so often because the alcohol ink definitely dries very quickly. But the nice thing about the alcohol ink is it blends really nice together. You don’t end up getting mud as much as you would with regular ink or paint, so you have to worry less about color combinations.

Here is experiment number 1:

Alcohol Ink through a Stencil 1
Alcohol Ink through a Stencil 1

I then tried using the blending solution to remove some of the alcohol color through the stencil. I used a Q-Tip and then came back with felt.
At first it didn’t seem like it would work, but after I let it sit for a bit, I came back and more of the alcohol ink color had lightened. It ended up as a pretty cool look- kind of a dreamy background. So you might want to give this a shot for something different. A more muted look than you typically get with alcohol ink.

This is Experiment Number 2:

Alcohol Removing Ink through a stencil 4
Alcohol Removing Ink through a stencil

Hope you enjoy this flashback- where my hair was not grey/white haha!

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