Alcohol Ink Painting on Transparencies 5

Alcohol Ink Painting on Transparencies

Hello all! Today is another blast from the past! In this video I’m actually finishing off a project I started in a different video. I used alcohol inks to make a background
and I wanted to place something on top. I decided on my coffee cup stamp, but I didn’t want to stamp directly on the background and so I decided to stamp it on a transparency. Because it’s a transparency and it’s slick, I needed StazOn or some other solvent based ink pad to use with the coffee cup to stamp on the transparency.

However, it didn’t look as nice as I thought, because the background shows through it a little bit too much. In another video I showed that you could use StazOn white to ink
the back and make it more opaque. In this case, I didn’t really want to use white, so I decided to try some of the alcohol inks and see if I could color the image.

So I painted on the reverse side of the transparency with alcohol ink. And again, I needed alcohol ink because this is a slick surface.  If I made a mistake or didn’t like it, I could have used  regular alcohol to remove the alcohol ink or the Distress blending solution.

When I turned the transparency over, I was still losing the image- it still didn’t show up over the busy background. The background still shows through too much, and it’s just competing with each other. So again, I could use the StazOn white and pounce over the painted ink, but I found that a little bit more difficult. I could also use the Adirondack White, but I decided to just use regular gesso on the back of the transparency over the painted alcohol ink.

If you’re lucky and/or the alcohol ink hasn’t completely dried (which it does very quickly), some of the alcohol ink will mix in with the white to get more of a pastel. If it doesn’t because the alcohol ink is already dry, you can always force the matter by adding a little bit more ink and mixing it around.

Now when I turn the transparency over, the background doesn’t compete as much.

Finally in this case, to finish it off, since I did such an awful job of stamping- my StazOn black was actually really dry- I decided to reinforce the stamped image with pens/markers. You could use anything that will work on a slick surface- copic, sharpies, or in my case these Molotow markers. You could use the markers on either the back or the front side if you if you like.

And there you go. A quick way to add a different look as a focal point on a busy background.

Here’s how it turned out:

Alcohol Ink Layers with Transparency Colored
Alcohol Ink Layers with Transparency Colored


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