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Artist Trading Card Friends

I have a bunch of friends that swap Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) each month. We have dwindled down to a few hearty souls and have actually missed the past two months, but I have faith we will get back on track now that the summer is over. I really like doing ATCs, because ( and I have mentioned this before) these are the few projects that I actually complete. I love to try experiments, and so I have hundreds of scraps around that never seem to get made into anything. These little cards are fun, fairly quick and it provides me the assurance that I will do something creative at least once a month, and that it will be a finished project rather than a scrap.

I made an ATC from an experiment this month. A friend of mine is stenciling furniture, and she needed some stencils, so I cut her some using my digital cutter. I loved the Sea Horse stencil I designed, so I turned it into a cut-out as well, and then decided to make some ATCs from those. I filled the cutout with liquid gel to give it some dimension and then put it on a background from a Gelli Arts Printing Plate print. The print was actually flowers, but since it was mostly covered up, and it was the right colors, I went with it 😉 . A few twig shapes to look like seaweed/coral and I was good to go.

Here’s a pic of the ATC:

Gelli Arts Print Seahorse ATC
Seahorsc ATC


One of these ATC friends is working with me on the Cre8ive Klatch collaborative project. You can visit and read all about her here!

Now I am off making sea shells and more beach related designs!!

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