Artist Trading Card Swap- Winter Theme

This year I didn’t make my Holiday Cards. Ok, truth be told, I actually DID make my Holiday Cards, I just didn’t make every single one of them. I made one and then had them printed. It was fun- I got to create, but I didn’t take up weeks making each one individually. I still like doing cards, so I may do them again another year, but I wanted to try the Photo Card method this year. I used to print my cards. It was not that expensive, and super fast and they came out great. And who knows- I may stamp the envelopes &#59;)

So, besides working on the Digital Downloads section of Easy Scraps, I still had a little bit of free time to participate in an Artist Trading Card swap. These tiny works of art are so much fun to make. I stamped, embossed, glittered, transfered, printed, cut, inked, painted and glued on these tiny cards. And as much fun as they are to make, they are even more fun to receive! I can’t wait to see which ones I get!! I check the mail every day, like a little kid, eager with anticipation!! I will post the pictures of the ATC’s I receive, but for now I thought I would share the ones I made and sent out. Enjoy….






And even more fun then making the ATC’s is the receiving of them!! Check out the fun Artist Trading Cards I received in this Winter Theme Swap-


Many Thanks to

Jill Lambert:

Sally Rose:

Melissa Carter:

for the wonderful cards!!

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