Babycakes and Confections Halloween Cupcakes-Rubber Stamping on Fondant

It is great to have friends who cook, and bake! One such friend, Karen Collins, owns BabyCakes and Confections, and she makes desserts that are just amazing! Besides whipping up delectable treats, she is also uber-creative. This Halloween she decided to stamp on fondant in order to decorate her famous cupcakes. We were so happy, that she chose to use Easy Scraps stamps! And she even described her process so that we could share it with all of you!!


Here’s what Karen did:



Colored fondant with food coloring & tylose (ingredient that makes fondant become quite firm)

Rolled fondant out using corn starch

Cut out circles

Let circles dry for 2-3 days


I tried two methods.  First, I made an ink ‘pad’ by putting a lot of food coloring on a paper towel.  Using a paint brush, I moved some of the food coloring away from the ‘pile’ so that I could press the stamp into the paper towel & not completely drench it in food coloring.  I then blotted it once or twice then pressed it on the fondant circle.  This process worked ok, as long as I didn’t press the stamp too hard into the fondant, but I frequently had to clean the stamp.

The second (better) method I used, was to brush/blot a bit of food coloring onto the stamp with a firm, small paint brush.  The brush allowed me to transfer the coloring onto the stamp without over-saturating it.  The trick was to apply pressure evenly, which would be fine except that it’s pretty difficult to roll out perfectly even fondant circles.

The number one lesson I learned was to always make extra circles to allow for all the messed up circles. &#59;)


Hopefully, this is just the start of a fun and delicious collaboration between Babycakes and Easy Scraps &#59;)


Karen even took pictures for us…

If you live in Massachusetts, you are in luck! You can buy these cupcakes at IdleWyles in Acton, and at Pemberton Farms in Harvard Square.

For more information on Babycakes and Confections, please visit Karen’s website at .


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