Black and White Rubber Stamping on Transparency Layers

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Black and White Stamping on Transparencies

Hi Everyone! Today is another flashback to an a video I shot years ago and never released. The products are still around and even if you know this technique, sometimes you forget about them! So here is your reminder 😉

So today we will be using black and white ink- specifically the StazOn white ink- and also transparencies.

The first thing I did was I stamped an image in black. It can be any black ink pad that you have, any ink pad that you like. I just used regular cardstock. And because I’m going to stamp on transparency, I need something that will work on a slick surface. So I’m using StazOn opaque which is my usual go-to white ink bad.

Side Note: Now (in 2022) StazOn has a white Pigment ink pad which I sometimes use, but I have not tried it on transparencies. I use it typically to color leather and I will have a video on using that in my Leather Embossing series. The StazOn Pigment white comes pre-inked, but it dries just as quickly as the StazOn Opaque. So you still need the re-inker, but in the StazOn Pigment case, you must buy it separately.

With StazOn Opaque you generally will need to refill when you use it. I do show you how to do it in the video. You basically just take the ink bottle that it comes with and you’re going to just squeeze some ink on the pad. I usually go both directions and then you can, if you have patience, let it soak in. Or you can use your finger or a credit card to kind of help it along by dragging/pushing the ink across and into the pad.

I then took a piece of transparency that was larger than the image/ And you want it a little bit larger because you’re going to play around with the position of
the transparency a little bit. Then I inked the same stamp I used earlier (after cleaning it of course!) with the fresh StazOn white pad and stamped directly on to the transparency. You just want to press the stamp, you really don’t want to move it very much or you’ll smudge your image.

The next step is to overlay the transparency over the black in order to get almost like a shadow effect. My image stamped in black was on white paper just because I had that laying around. You could do this obviously on a colored paper and it would look really cool. And you could use a different color ink underneath rather than black. It’s just another way to kind of dress up an image.

Here’s how mine turned out:

Black and White Stamping on Transparencies Result Colored Cardstock 1
Black and White Stamping on Transparencies Result Colored Cardstock

So, this was a quick Take 5 project with a different look then just plain stamping. Enjoy!

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