Hand Carved Stamps Sampling

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Carving Stamps- Transfer Your Design from Cutouts

I have been carving up a storm the past few weeks! I was already back into the stamp designing/carving groove when I watched a video by Anne Bagby. Her stamps designs look a lot like the ones I carve/make! Her artwork is gorgeous, and it inspired me to finish up my carving and get back to  working with my stamps. So I will plan to release a few posts about the actual stamp carving process and I then hope to have more projects that are blog post worthy to show in the future 🙂 .

Here is a discussion on what stamp material I like to use for carving and how I transfer my designs to the material. Please note that both of the carving blocks of “rubber” I use are made by Speedball. I particularly like the pink material which is actually called Speedy Carve. In the video, I keep referring to the white material as SpeedyCarve, when in actuality the white material is called SpeedyCut. My apologies and hopefully that will clear up any confusion!


Here is a smattering of stamps I have been playing with…

Hand Carved Stamps Sampling
Hand Carved Stamps Sampling

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