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Cindy’s Mixed Media May!

  • Ursula Smith
  • June 23, 2012
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As I have mentioned before, I belong to a group of talented artists, and even better- wonderful people. We met through Facebook during Kelly Rae Roberts’ Flying Lessons class. It has been about a year that this group has been togeher, and it is fun to check in every once in a while o see what they are doing. So I decided to blog about a couple of them every so often.

Cindy is running Mixed Media May, and is currently running a promotion so I decided to showcase that one today:

  • What does mixed-media art mean to you?

Mixed Media allows me to do what I love- experiment. To me there are no limits to Mixed Media. Have some new paints and want to use them? Go ahead! Have a cool piece of leather and want to cut it up into a cool shape? Go Ahead! Want to try a new transfer technique? Well, for pity’s sake- GO AHEAD! See? The answer is never “No” with Mixed Media! You can become fearless in your art &#59;)

  • How long have you been a mixed-media artist?

I have probably always been considered Mixed Media. Because I never had any formal training I never knew you had to stick to one Medium &#59;)

  • How has your art impacted or enhanced your life?

I have a very left-brained life. I was always good at Math and Science, I grew up with a Math Professor Dad, and I ended up as a Computer Software Engineer as my career. Art, I feel, balances me. Some people get that “Zen” feeling from Yoga. For me, that calm and inner peace comes from Art- making it, viewing it, reading about it, etc.

  • What are a few of the mixed-media supplies you find yourself using most?

I am definitely all over the map. It depends upon my mood, what feeling I am trying to capture, etc. But I ALWAYS  my computer in some compacity for every single project.

  • Who are some of your favorite mixed-media artists?

Too many to count!!!!! I have been exposed to many of them through online classes (visit www.CreativeClearinghouse.com for a listing of many of the classes)

  • What makes your mixed-media art unique?

I think my use of computers and associated gadgets, helps with my unique spin on things. But I do believe that most people, if they really let themselves play, will have their own unique spin. Even if they learn from others, their interpretation, their skills, their processes are not going to be the same. And so if they let go and play, they may have elements of influence from other artists, but they will have their own “look” too.

  • Where can we find you?

LOL- on the computer &#59;) Adding or tweaking the two sites I built with friends- http://www.EasyScraps.com and http://www.CreativeClearinghouse.com

  • Please tell us about yourself (short bio with headshot).



As I mentioned, I am a Software Engineer by trade, which definitely helps with building web sites &#59;). I am a Wife, mother of 2 great kids, and I have really wonderful friends that either are as into Art as I am, or aren’t but they listen to me blather on about it &#59;). I try to post on my blog once a week, because that is all I have time for, and my new passion is online classes to help me progress in my art work.

Thanks for visiting, and now It’s YOUR Turn!! http://www.mixedmediamay.com/mixed-media-may-its-your-turn-