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Collaborate on a Scrapbook Page

Sometimes it helps to get another opinion when you are working on a project. I usually turn to my crafting friends and have often collaborated with them on different things. For my son’s yearbook page, I had originally decided to let him do his layout completely by himself. He did an amazing job- see it here http://www.easyscraps.com/blog/blogu.php/intro-to-scrapbooking-2-basic-digital-scrapbook-page-power-point.

I designed other versions of yearbook pages to use as examples, which he happened to see. He asked if he could use one of them. He wanted to add some sports pictures, which I did, and so the collaboration began. I love the result!!

So next time you are working on a project, pull in a friend or a child or maybe even your spouse will contribute. You may never want to scrap on your own again &#59;)

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