Seahorse ATC

Digital Cutter Packing Tape Pickup

I love my digital cutter! I use it to cut stencils and embellishments for cards, ATCs and other Mixed Media projects. However, I am often left with little pieces that can be somewhat wasteful.  I really wanted to find a way to use some of those remaining pieces, especially now that I am using paper that is a bit more expensive (although awesome! It’s from Digital Arts Studio Seminar- more on this in another post).

Packing tape and sticky paper to the rescue! Here is my experiment with what I am calling Packing Tape Pickup 😉 . Enjoy!


Here was the ATC I was making with the cutout…

Seahorse ATC
Seahorse ATC

and here are the scanned images of the packing tape pickup. Sorry- they look better in the video and real life because of the shimmer 🙂 …

Silhouette  Pickup Leftover Pieces
Silhouette Pickup Leftover Pieces
Silhouette Packing Tape Pickup 1
Silhouette Packing Tape Pickup 1

So grab your packing tape and sticky paper and start using all of your digital cut masterpieces!!

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