Photoshop Printout with Distress Oxide Inks

Distress Ink over Prints and Stencil Cleanup

Hello everyone! In this quick experiment, I take Tim Holtz Distress Oxide and plain Distress Inks on top of an image I printed on my inkjet printer. I have lots of prints laying around- some are tests for rubber stamp ideas, some are just prints I haven’t gotten around to using. In this case I decided to try to see if I could spray colors on top of the B&W print.

The Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Inks are pigment based and so they concealed the printed image. But the Distress inks react with water, so I decided to cover the image with a stencil and use water to remove some of the ink through the cut out of the stencil. In this example, the stencil actually matched the underlying print because it was my own design, but it doesn’t necessarily have to match. You don’t even need a stencil- you can just use a rag or paper towel or sponge dipped in water (not too wet!) and remove ink wherever you would like to reveal what’s underneath.

So if you have extra prints lying around, give this a shot!

Photoshop Printout with Distress Oxide Inks
Photoshop Printout with Distress Oxide Inks


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