Fly Tribe Blog Hop- Shoe Shots

It’s another Blog Hop! This time the subject matter is shoes, or really shoe shots. You know- the pic where you take a shot of your shoes looking down.

I took a pic of my favorite new running shoes- they are super bright! I love running shoes! In fact, I threatened to wear them with my wedding dress when I got married, although at that point in time, running shoes were not nearly so colorful! I did wear typical Bride shoes, but I confess I wore socks rather than stockings to more more comfortable &#59;).

Here is one word of advice- always check your shoes BEFORE you leave the house. Last week I was heading into the city to catch a performance of Les Mis. Luckily I happened to glance down at my shoes before we left, and there- you guessed it- were 2 different shoes, in 2 different colors!! I would have looked quite the fashion freak if I had not noticed it in time!! So always- look down before you leave &#59;).

Please follow along the Blog Hop to see the shoes of my Fabulous Artist friends in the Fly Tribe!!





    I Know What You Mean

    I Know What You Mean

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