Gelli Art Print with Tim Holtz Spray Stain Resist Technique

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Gelli Art Print and Tim Holtz Spray Stain Resist

Hello all! I hope you are doing well this Holiday season! I have been busy with cards and gifts the past few weeks so I have been crafting up a storm. Some of the projects required some cool backgrounds and so I reached for my Gelli Arts Printing Plate once again and played around with some ideas. I ended up with lots of prints that were “Meh”- just missing something. In once case I used a stamp to pull of the plate and printed it onto plain white cardstock. The print came out pretty clean, but I wasn’t happy with the plain white peeking through. I was in a rush so I didn’t want to play around with more paint and so I decided to try using Tim Holtz Spray Stains to color the plain white card stock, assuming that the acrylic paint would resist the ink. I was not about to try it on the actual print, so I tested on some “roll offs” (the paper that I roll any excess paint left on my brayer after rolling the paint onto the plate for printing). I wanted a Christmas feel so I decided to use a red spray over the green painted image. Acrylic paint leaves behind a plastic-y coating and so I was hoping it would resist the ink and/or I could wipe off the ink and leave the paint the same vibrant green or blue etc color that I started with. In general going over green with red leaves you with brown so unless there is a resist happening this color combination is usually a disaster.

But in this case it wasn’t :)…

Gelli Art Print with Tim Holtz Spray Stain Resist
Gelli Art Print with Tim Holtz Spray Stain Resist Test Case

So I moved onto the actual print and did the same thing and loved the result!

Gelli Art Print with Tim Holtz Spray Stain Resist Technique
Gelli Art Print with Tim Holtz Spray Stain Resist Technique

I filmed a quick video so you could see how it worked. Enjoy!

In the next week I have a blog post planned to show you how to foil on a printed/colored background and that are cut on the Silhouette. Happy Holiday Crafting!

In case you are interested in the items that I used they are as follows- they are amazon affiliate links if you care to support my work 😉

This is the new color by Tim Holtz Cracking Campfire:

Of course if you are like me, you might want ALL the items in the new color 😉 :

If you want a bunch of the spray stains, here’s a great bundle:

This is a great size for the Gelli Arts printing plate. When I am not filming, I generally use this one:

Here is one of the colors I used this Holiday season on the Gelli Plate:

Another favorite color:

And this mixes well with Teals and is a brighter green than a lot of the golden greens. I like adding a fluid acrylic onto the mix to make the paint roll better on the Gelli Plate:

Here’s a nice starter set for Golden Fluids:

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