Art Prints Enhancement with Distress Mediums 1

Gelli Art Prints Enhancements 1

Hello Friends! Today I am revisiting a card that I showed you before. I demonstrated a quick tip where I cut the out inside of a piece of cardstock that I was going to mat a card with. I do this because it saves paper and I can use that interior cut out piece to make die cuts, etc. I do it a lot when I’m scrapbooking, especially if I’m matting big photos so I don’t waste paper.

When I demonstrated that tip I forgot to talk about the actual print. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but quite often I’ll take Gelli prints or Distress Oxide prints and take a picture or scan them in to the computer. Then I can re-print or even re-size or change colors. So in this case, the original print, which I’ve long since given away, had a lot of reds and a mustard color and dark greens. It was more vibrant and I wanted something a little more muted in this case so I was able to tweak it in Photoshop and print it out.

With my printouts, most of the time I will go over it with some kind of acrylic medium. In this case I used Distress Collage Medium- the crazing version. That medium adds some crackle texture which adds a more handmade look. It started out as handmade, but then it was printed which can look a bit flat. Adding the texture over the top punches it up and makes it look handmade again. After the crazing it looked ok, but the middle part was a tad uninteresting and you couldn’t really see the crazing.

So I used a makeup brush ( just a cheap one from Amazon) and went over it lightly with Antique Linen ink. I still wanted more of the crazing to show up, so then I used Distress crayons, scribbled on, and then rubbed in to get into the crazing. Some crayons blend into the Distress Medium a little bit easier than others. I used three- Black Soot, which smoothed on nicely. Antique Linen also did fine, but my Vintage Photo was a bit drier, so I just dampened my finger in order to help it rub in a bit better.

Art Prints Enhancement with Distress Mediums 5
Art Prints Enhancement with Distress Mediums 5

The second sample I showed started out as a scanned in Distress Resist print and I used a light touch of the Distress Crazing Medium on that printout as well. I didn’t spend any time using crayons over the crazing because I had definite plans to layer die cuts over the top. I added some paint splatters and also used a palette knife to add Texture Paste over the edges of the printout.

I did use some crayon in Chipped Sapphire in one area to add some blue color because it was really white, and I wanted to layer a white die cut there and have it stand out more. Also, in this example I had enlarged the print in Photoshop and just printed a section, so the splatters from the original were very large. I added some texture paste to them to look a bit like snowballs for a wintery effect.

Art Prints Enhancement with Distress Mediums 2
Art Prints Enhancement with Distress Mediums 2

The third example was similar to the second, but it was not enlarged and I added less splatters.

Art Prints Enhancement with Distress Mediums 3
Art Prints Enhancement with Distress Mediums 3

So if you have a cool print- take a picture or scan it in. Then you can print it and add some more mixed media products to the printout returning it to a handmade item.

There is a follow up to this post here.

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