Gelli Arts Faux Washi Tape and Decorated Duck Tape

I generally like to make my own everything, and that includes Washi Tape and decorated Duck (Duct) Tape. I usually stamp on these, but recently I have been playing around with them on my Gelli Arts Printing Plate.

Remember the Contact paper I decorated a few blog posts ago- Gelli-Arts-on-Contact-Paper ? Well I used the left over carrier sheet from that, to “host” my duck tape strips.  I just laid down strips of the tape next to each other, to fill up an entire “page” of strips. Then I used that page of strips in the same manner as a my normal papers on the Gelli Art printing plate, to get lovely decorated Duck tape strips!  That was a lot easier then my first attempt at rolling the roll of tape across the Gelli Arts plate- although it did work 😉

The other thing I do, is run tissue paper through my Xyron machine and then cut that into strips. I can then decorate the adhesive strips anyway I want and because they are tissue paper, they are translucent- like Washi Tape!

Here are some of my latest experiments:

Gelli Arts Decorated Duck (Duct) Tape

Gelli Arts Decorated Duck (Duct) Tape
Gelli Arts Faux Washi Tape

Gelli Arts Faux Washi Tape

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