Gelli Arts on Contact Paper

I was in a scramble, late as always, for getting a birthday card out to my Dad. So I grabbed one of my experiments, and made it into a card for him, and hopefully he gets it on time.

I had been playing around with my Gelli Arts printing plate a few weeks ago, and tried printing on a variety of surfaces. One of them was… contact paper. Now, you can use sticky paper to pick up dried paint, and maybe the contact paper is sticky enough to do so, however that was not what I did. I printed on the non-sticky side.

Originally, I grabbed a package thinking it was canvas fabric, and I was going to print on that. However, it turned out to be cheese cloth. Since it had a very open weave, I decided not to even bother trying to get a print directly on the cheese cloth, so I looked around for some other options. That was when I spied the roll of  clear contact paper :idea:. I did a print on the non-sticky side of the clear copy paper (not using a lot of paint, and using one of my custom stencils to print with). It printed great! Then, when the paint had dried, I pulled of the backing off the contact paper and adhered it to the cheese cloth. Cool!

I left it in my pile of experiments, and then found it again the other day. To adhere it to the card, I needed to use glue on the under side, since the sticky was now covered with cheese cloth. I strategically  placed the glue where there was paint from the Gelli Arts print- even though it would dry clear, I wanted to limit the amount of glue that might show through the clear contact paper. I could have used brads, or staples or ribbon, or some other means of adhering, but the paint hid the glue well, especially since it would dry clear.

And voila! A quick card made from one of my experiments! My pile is now one piece smaller ;-).


Gelli Arts Print on Contact Paper

Gelli Arts Print on Contact Paper

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