Gelli Arts Print-Black & White Over Printed-2

Gelli Arts Print- over printing black and white

I finally had a little while to play today. I was trying out some ideas with the Gelli Arts Printing Plate and some of my new stencils, for a collaborative project that I will be part of this coming fall. At the end of the session I decided to play around with a wooden stamp I have and do a simple black and white Gelli Arts print. It had some cool texture and I planned on scanning it in…

Gelli Arts Print-Black White-1
Gelli Arts Print-Black White-1

I tried to do a second larger print, but I didn’t like the way it came out. So I went back to printing what I had been working on earlier. I reached for my white paper- gone!! So, I grabbed the white on black print that I didn’t like and over printed on that. I kind of liked the way it came out! So, as has happened before with the Gelli Arts plate- if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!!

Gelli Arts Print-Black & White Over Printed-2
Gelli Arts Print-Black & White Over Printed-2

Stay tuned for more information on the collaborative project!

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    I love your work! I would call the B&W 1 piece “Storm Coming’ 🙂

    Nice work!

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