Glitter Paper as a background

Like most stampers, scrapbookers, or mixed media artists, I love glitter. I never mind walking around with glitter in my hair or on my face. And I use it in most projects!! It is like a litte bit of sunshine packaged into teeny tiny specks! So, when I first saw glitter paper, I was overjoyed!! But, I have to say that most of the time it is relagated to the matting for some other piece, rather than being front and center. But I decided to change that the other day, and use the glitter paper to be the main focal piece. I used in on the Gelli Arts Printing plate, and I used some special transfer paper to make an Artist Trading card, and a frame.

The ATC is at the top of the post. The monoprint is below. I think you could get the same effect using a stencil and  the favorite spray ink/paint of your choice. So go grab some glitter paper and make it your focal piece. And sure, why not, add some glitter on top :)

I am afraid to try this- maybe I will try it with my old printer, but I wonder if you could print on glitter paper? Hmmmmmm….

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