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I Started a Zazzle Store!

Hi everyone! Just a quick update- I started a Zazzle store! What’s a Zazzle you ask? It’s a store where you can order custom items with your own images. There are lots of items and the ability to do all over prints on some things using repeating patterns. I have a few items with some of my patterns listed now, with an eye towards more in the future. Zazzle also allows you to transfer the pattern to another item. For instance I might have listed the image on a mug or tea towel, but maybe you want the pattern on a card or shopping bag or even a rug! You can click the Transfer Design to a Product and click on the product suggested or on the link to View All Products to find the one you want. It’s super fun!

So usually I start with a handmade paper or sometimes digital design that I typically bring into Photoshop or maybe Illustrator to work on and combine with other images and then many times turn it into a repeating pattern. For instance recently I made this quick water color scroll:

Watercolored S Scroll from Camera
Watercolored S Scroll from Camera

And turned it into this repeating pattern for Zazzle:

Purple Watercolor Scrolls and Flowers Hand Towel
Purple Watercolor Scrolls and Flowers Hand Towel
by US_Designs

Of course with an eye towards crafting, I have created several tissue paper and napkin items. I love working with tissue paper and napkins, especially with encaustics. The this paper goes translucent with certain mediums and wax. I love making tags for wine and gift bags because they hold up and can even be re-gifted if the recipient wants, although a lot of my friends who receive these save them and use them as decorations- hanging on their Christmas tree, etc. Zazzle lets you create a collection and so I started one just for Art Supplies. You can find that here, but again if there is another patter you like that isn’t on the tissue paper yet, just use the Transfer to a Product function.

For instance I have created this tissue paper which works well with colored encaustic paints, and I am hoping to add more designs in the future: Starfish and Seahorse Tissue Paper
Starfish and Seahorse Tissue Paper
by US_Designs

So check out my store! I make a tiny commission on each item sold from my store, so my appreciation in advance for your support!


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