Memories- Help your children remember with scrapbooks!

My friend, Beth from send me this link: about how children remember events from their childhood. This article, for me, underscores the need to tell your child’s story. And while it is perfectly acceptable to tell the story verbally, what happens when you start to forget? Now, maybe your memory is tack-sharp, but I know mine is filled with hundreds of odds and ends that are starting to push out some of the memories that I want to keep. If I don’t get them down in some “hard” format, they might get lost. And this is another reason I scrapbook.

I want my kids to remember as much about their life as they can. If the memory is captured in a picture, great! But how about the funny things they said? Or is someone going to remember 15 years later that the blue skirt in Susie’s first grade picture was her absolute favorite outfit, and you finally had to give it to charity so she would wear something else? Or that the 90 Johnnie got on his math testin third grade was the result of 2 weeks of really hard work, and to celebrate you all went out to his favorite restaurant for dinner? You get the point. Scrapbooking can preserve even a bit more than photo’s can. So try to scrapbook at least some of those precious moments.

One more point- Digital Scrapbooking is becoming more popular, and that is great too. EasyScraps even offers kits in Digital format.  However, please don’t leave ALL your scrapbook pages online. The kids aren’t likely to look at them if they are on the computer. However, if they are in some sort of printed format, and left on a table, the kids WILL pick it up and thumb through it. At EasyScraps there are several options to help you preserve your child’s memories. And coming soon there will be a photo book option! We want to make scrapbooking easy for you, so you will do it!

So help your family remember the good times (and the bad, and the silly, and the hard and the….). You don’t have to scrap EVERYTHING, but why not start with the stories that you tell? Put those stories down in a scrapbook- you can save your breath and yet those stories won’t get lost!

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