What Mess?

Seth Apter had a great idea of sharing our messy work spaces with each other. Come on- if you are a creative, I know you work like I do- working and leaving bigger and broader piles of stuff until you are relegated to a tiny corner of your table. “Can’t stop now to clean or I may lose this moment of inspiration” you might think, or if you are like me and only get 5 minutes here and there to create, I am NOT about to spend those 5 minutes CLEANING!!!

Anyway, I signed up for this challenge to take pictures of my messy space and share them with my fellow creatives on Seth’sĀ blog. I had just finished a huge cleaning binge due to a house project, but that was a week ago, so I thought surely my work space would be back to its usual messy state of affairs by now! Well, not exactly. I had a crazy busy week of non-stop work (real work, not fun work šŸ˜‰ ) and so I barely made it down to my craft room since I signed up for this challenge. So, the pictures of my space are not really all that bad! At least in comparison to what they usually are. Don’t worry though! Give me a few weeks and it will be a disaster area again, I am sure!!


This picture is over by my cutting area. It is usually covered in paper, but it isn’t half bad right now!

Seth Apter-Messy-Work-Space_0002
This space is normally covered in paper!


This is my desk which you usually can’t see for stamps, paints, Gelli Art plates, paper, tissue papers, wipes, etc. I did a great job of cleaning, don’t you think? šŸ™‚

Seth Apter-Messy-Work-Space_0004
You can actually see my desk!!


Ok- here are my Pocket Rocket bags, packed and ready to roll. I am so organized, right? Ha! You would be wrong! I have no idea what is in those bags, and they are not organized by media, topic or anything else of the sort. That would be a great idea though! šŸ˜‰

Seth Apter-Messy-Work-Space_0007
What’s in the bags? Damned if I know!


So check back in a few weeks, and I will show the real me and how I normally work!


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