Resin Belt Buckles

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I had a featured post over on Cre8iveKlatch and in it I switched places with my friend Susan, playing around with one of her favorite mediums- Resin. I decided to jump in with both feet and make some belt buckles. It was pretty much like a “Freaky Friday” kind of day, with me be doing lots of things wrong 😉 . I published it so that you can learn from my mistakes, and I also gave a cool tip on using Silly Bands with resin. Silly bands are shaped rubber bands that were designed for kids, but I snagged a bunch of shapes from my kids a while back, and use them in my studio as a mold of sorts. They don’t stick to resin, gel medium, gel du soleil etc . You can see the post here.

I am following that post with some more ideas for using resin. I did come to like it after playing with it a while. I am no Susan M. Walls-Beverly, but I definitely learned a lot and had fun in the process!

And I did end up with some cool belt buckles…

Resin Belt Buckles
Resin Belt Buckles


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