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Well,  if I didn’t have enough to do, I certainly do now!  I have started another venture with a friend of mine, Lori, who I met through Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lessons class. This new business is also near and dear to my heart! I have always loved to learn, which is not surprising since my Dad was a teacher. I have also always dabbled in creative endeavors. Creative Clearinghouse combines those two loves. It is a site that lists classes in all things creative- Mixed Media, Drawing, Painting, Jewelry etc. It has been a hard few months of coding trying to get the site ready, but we announced it today to our group of  friends from the Flying Lessons.

Our hope is for it to be the place where new Instructors can list their classes and hopefully become more well known, as well as established Instructors having a place to list their next class. By incorporating various categories, we hope that it will encourage Creatives to cross over and try something new and different. For the folks that are new to the world of Art&Crafts, there really isn’t one place that a person can go to find classes, and so that was our goal. To enable a place where everyone can go to find their next creative class or retreat, see reviews and comments on those classes, and share their own thoughts and favorites. We also have a place for users to enter reviews of their favorite books and supplies, because lets face it, we all have LOTS of those &#59;).

Lori and I had our own focus group that gave us their thoughts and ideas, shared their knowledge, and at times talked us down from the ledge &#59;). To Ann, Kathleen, Kathy, Susan, Jacquie, Lynda, Elissa and Connie we will always be truly grateful!! And we just can’t wait for you to meet them when they are listed on our site!!

I started my online class adventure with Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lessons class, and it was through the associated group that I discovered the world of online creative classes. I am now hooked, and have gone on to take classes hosted by Jane Davenport, Tamara Laporte and others. We list all of these on the Creative Clearinghouse site.

So I hope you will join Lori and I at to find your next class, or maybe start your own adventure!

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