Ursula Smith Distress Oxide Resist 3

Original Distress Oxide Spray Resist

Hello Everyone! I was going through my backlog of videos trying to find a bunch that were supposed to be part of my new series on leather and realized that somehow I lost them. I am in the process of re-shooting them, but meanwhile there are so many videos that I have made and never uploaded to youTube or did upload them and haven’t written the associated blog post and released them. So I will be trying to get through those in the next several months.

This is one of the videos that for some reason I never released. It was the original experiment I did with Distress Oxide sprays resisting regular Distress Spray Stains. In this case I used a stencil. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this in other videos so for the sake of completeness, I am including it now- 2 years later, yikes!

In this experiment, I sprayed through a Tim Holtz Stencil onto plain white cardstock using Distress Oxide Spray. I took another piece of cardstock and flipped the stencil onto that cardstock in order to mop up the leftover ink, and getting the reverse image of the stencil. Then I went over both images with regular Distress Spray Stain and you can see the result- the Distress Oxide resists the Spray Stain. This one is both a Take 5 (5 minutes or less) and a Twofer! Win, Win!

I continued after this experiment to play around with this resist technique and you can see those sessions in posts like this one using Distress Oxide Ink Pads and Stamps and this one using Distress Oxide Sprays and Stamps.

Ursula Smith Distress Oxide Resist 1
Ursula Smith Distress Oxide Resist 1


Ursula Smith Distress Oxide Resist 2
Ursula Smith Distress Oxide Resist 2

So please enjoy my original experiment with this technique in the following video:

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