Photo Collages for Scrapbook Layouts

Photo Collages are a great way to get a lot of pictures on a page. You then need to worry less about backgrounds and embellishments- the pictures take center stage and tell the story. This is a great technique for creating a scrapbook page describing a trip, or building a yearbook page that encompasses a number of years of school. However, just be careful not to go too crazy. You still want to be able to see the pictures, so make sure the pictures are large enough to enjoy.

Here’s an example of a page with so many small pictures, that it is hard to really see the details to get the feeling of the fun and beauty of a trip to Hawaii…

Photo Collage of Hawaii

By removing some of the scenery pictures, and enlarging those images that were left, it is a bit easier to see the pictures and get a feeling for the gorgeous views and the sites we saw…

And yet again, by moving things around a bit, cropping some photos and removing a couple more pictures, the images that are left could be enlarged. The images included shots of the things that we did, which are described in the journaling. This page is a lot easier to view and we can  enjoy the beautiful scenery and remember the fun things we did, without quite needing a magnifying glass :).

In some cases, like a yearbook, you have certain restrictions- like using a single page. So you really do need to weed out extraneous photographs. In the Hawaii layout, I was trying to cram everything in on a single page for this example, but in reality, especially for a trip like this one to Hawaii, I would generally create more than one page. Here is a sample of a yearbook page (another example created by a 12 year old), where he chose only some of the pictures that were available, so that the images that were left were larger.

Photo Collage of Yearbook Page

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