Photoshop CS5 Puppet Warp With Content Aware Fill

This is one of the videos that I mentioned in the previous blog post ( from Adobe TV. Bryan left out a little bit of information, whihc if you are used to Photoshop, you could read between the lines and know what he is talking about. However, if you are new to PS, you might be wondering where the extra arm and horn came from.

The steps he did initially were as follows:

  • Started with a picture of the boy with the horn
  • Duplicated the background
  • Isolated the boy from the background using selection techniques (magnetic lasso, quick mask,etc)
  • Saved the selection
  • Copied the boy from the background onto a new layer

That’s about where the move starts. So when he ends up with 2 arms and 2 horns, the second set is from the original background image, which still has the boy in the image. To watch the video, please go here….

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