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Pocket Rocket Bags at FlirtyFinds,com

I think I have posted before, but the Pocket Rocket bags from http://www.FlirtyFinds.com are the BEST bags for hauling all your craft stuff!! There are coated on the outside, (HINT: vinyl will stick to them but coffee won’t!!) they have 6 pockets, they STAND UP, and they are 6 inches deep and can hold 12×12 inch scrapbook paper with room to spare.

For this weekend (March26 2011 and March 27 2011) theres is a coupon for 30% off when you spend $100 or more. The coupon is FLIRTY30 . So grab a bag or 2! I got two more bags for carrying stuff to the beach, and to carry all my tech equipment- and I just had to get the cute laptop sleeve too &#59;)

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