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Here are some of the items I am using currently in my studio:

This is the new color by Tim Holtz Cracking Campfire:

Of course if you are like me, you might want ALL the items in the new color 😉 :

If you want a bunch of the spray stains, here’s a great bundle:

This is a great size for the Gelli Arts printing plate. When I am not filming, I generally use this one:

Here is one of the colors I used this Holiday season on the Gelli Plate:

Another favorite color:

And this mixes well with Teals and is a brighter green than a lot of the golden greens. I like adding a fluid acrylic onto the mix to make the paint roll better on the Gelli Plate:

Here’s a nice starter set for Golden Fluids:

More items from blog posts:

Another favorite medium- Liquitex Ultra Matte Medium

Stone Paper from Dass Art that I have used in the past (note that they no longer have the 8.5×11 inch in stock)…

Stone Paper – 25/13×19

I have also used this stone paper from Karst

and the blank stone paper from IMStoneGifts (but they too have been out of stock for a while)

Of course I love my Silhouette Curio and the Silhouette Studio Software (I use the business upgrade) and I purchase accessories from either Amazon or Silhouette America.

I go through a lot of cutting mats. Designs just cut better with a good mat. I try to extend the lifetime with spray adhesive, but it gums up after a while and my intricate designs start not cutting well. That’s when I know it is time to reorder a new mat 😉

I use the premium blades now. They just seem to cut better and last longer!