Rubber Stamping on Canvas Paper

For those of you who stamp, especially if you are just starting out, you probably use card stock most of the time. But, why not try to use something different to stamp on? I needed to make a Sweet 16 card, and as usual had little time to do so. I looked around to see what I had laying around that I could use, and I spied a piece of canvas “paper” from a pad that I had painted with acrylic paints previously. This Canvas pad, comes with sheets of canvas that are pre-primed with gesso on one side. They are quick to use and so they work out great for playing! Here is the background…



This page didn’t have a lot of texture to it, but it did have some dimension because of the different colors of paint I used. I decided it would be great as a backdrop for stamping on. I used one of the Easy Scraps border stamps, and Versafine ink. I had no time for the stamp alignment tool- ok truth be told I couldn’t FIND my alignment tool under all the mess and projects I had scattered around &#59;)– so I held my breath and winged it. The ink stamped great on top of the paint, but I did need to allow some cure time for it to dry before I adhered the little embellishment- the Easy Scraps watch face stamped on card stock from that same play session.

I cut, and assembled and here is the result- not bad for 15 minutes!

Now, if you have more time- check out Easy Scraps latest additions to our web site- Smash Books by K&Company! We’ll have much more on thse products in future blog posts, so check back soon!

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