Old Paper Circle Frame A2 Card Front



This A2 card front made from old paper and a die cut that I designed, can be used as an all occasion card. There is a PNG file with just the frame card front, and a PDF file with 4 card fronts of the original design. The PNG format preserves transparency, so that if you use it in a digital photo editor that supports layer, like Photoshop, you can layer other images/photos underneath the frame and have them show through.

You can just print the PDF, cut and attach to a card front and you are done. You may want to add photos or other images to the frame part and stamp or write your own sayings. The frame is also easily cut out with a craft knife or scissors.

For those of you more adept at digital editing, you can use the PNG, add your own sayings, change the colors, etc in a photo editor like Photoshop. Then use the image digitally, or print it and use it in other non-digital projects.

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Old Paper Circle Frame A2 Cards
Old Paper Circle Frame A2 Cards