Sterling Silver Small Floral Oval Pendant

Sterling Silver Small Floral Oval Pendant


Sterling Silver Grand Dragonfly Pendant

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Sterling Silver French Gothic Pendant


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This Sterling Silver pendant was impressed with a beautiful French Gothic design, and is one of my favorites 😉. The original design came from Villemin in Paris, France. It has a slight patina added to it.

This is a more unique piece in that it started as metal clay, and was fashioned from different molds or hand formed pieces and then fired together in a kiln. The resulting sterling silver pendant retains the shape and impressions of the clay piece, but is smaller in size. While I can make this piece again, it will be even more variable in appearance than some of my other designs.

This pendant is hung on a necklace, and the bail is large enough that it should easily slide onto most other necklaces if you so choose.


Please note that I make these by hand and there may be slight variations in the piece and backgrounds may be different than pictured. Bails may be slightly different also.

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Sterling Silver


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