Silicone molds from Die Cuts

This is a quick idea ( 5 minutes or less so it is a great Take 5 task) on how to use die cuts to make silicone molds using two part silicone mold making material.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve last posted, and I have been busy during the time away from this blog. I’ve moved to a new area, and I love it! Also I’ve started down the path of jewelry making. It is all quite an adventure, but so much fun! I use resin and silicone molds a ton in my new jewelry work. So many of the products, tools, skills and experience I have built up over all the years of playing and experimenting have really translated well to this new work. And now I am experimenting with even more materials including resin and metal and polymer clay. It is interesting to see how I can use previous tools and ideas and translate them into wearable art. Although it is not helping me weed out my stash of supplies 😉

I decided to go through some of my old youtube videos that I haven’t posted, and came across this one from a couple of years ago. I make silicone molds from tons of different things- mostly rocks and fossils, and other cool shapes, but in this case I made them from die cuts. This was from the older style die cut machine, but now it has me thinking about using ones from the Silhouette. I’ll try to post an update when I get around to trying that. I will probably use the stone paper that I’ve mentioned is my favorite material for cutting and using as stencil material, and I will more than likely use multiple layers to make it a bit thicker and stiffer. Stay tuned for that experiment :).

So here is my quick idea for using die cuts to make silicone molds. Enjoy!

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