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StazOn Opaque White Ink on Transparencies

Hi all! Today is another old video that I never released. It’s a quick idea for covering up booboos with an embellishment made from a transparency.

In my case it was a stamped image, but you can also buy pre-made transparencies. When I layered the transparency over the stamped background, it was very hard to see.
This can happen with any kind of transparency- maybe it’s just not quite dark enough and you lose the image into the background. In my case it was a line image over a busy background so you really couldn’t see it at all.

So my tip for this issue is to flip it over and use one of the StazOn Opaque inks to color the reverse side of the transparency. You need StazOn or one of the
solvent based inks in order to use it on transparency because it’s a slick surface and other mediums will just wipe off.

Anything that’s slick- shiny, metal, plastic, transparency, etc. requires a StazOn ink pads or some other solvent based ink, including alcohol ink.

You can just take your ink pad directly or use some other applicator like a sponge or something. And you could use any color you like not just white, although in my case the white worked. Once you’ve colored the back of the transparency, when you flip it back over now it’s opaque and you don’t see the background through it.

So obviously you could stamp an image directly on cardstock and you wouldn’t have to worry about seeing through it. But sometimes you might have a cool transparency that you’d like to use, and it’s just too transparent. And/or the background is too busy and interferes with the transparency. So now you know you can use the StazOn Opaque ink pads on the underneath side to give it a little more opaqueness and make it work in your project.

Here’s how this project worked out:

Stazon Opaque Background for Transparencies. 3
Stazon Opaque Background for Transparencies. Result





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