Silicone Molds from Shrink Plastic

Hi all! I’m still trying to go through all my older videos to get them up on the blog and out in YouTube land, so here’s another one. In this video I use Shrink plastic pieces created from die cuts and make molds from them. So you can create smaller versions of your die cuts…

2 Part Silicone Molding Putty to make a Rubber Stamp

I have been playing with 2 part silicone molding putty for a while now, and came across this experiment I did a couple of years ago. Although I primarily use the molds for resin and clay work, in this instance I decided to try to stamp with it because of course I still love stamping!!…

Silicone molds from Die Cuts

This is a quick idea ( 5 minutes or less so it is a great Take 5 task) on how to use die cuts to make silicone molds using two part silicone mold making material. It’s been quite a while since I’ve last posted, and I have been busy during the time away from this…

Bleached Out Tag- Take 5 Project

Here is something you can do with a Clorox bleach pen- and it doesn’t include doing laundry!! This works best with a fresh pen, but don’t forget good ventilation and/or a mask 😉 . Enjoy!! And here are the results… Bleached Out Tag

Micaceous Iron Oxide Stenciling

I have been promising my Mom this video for a while! Well, at least I made it before the New Year started 😉 . In this video, I use Micaceous Iron Oxide paint with my own stencils in order to achieve a similar look to the tag that I posted over here in Cre8ive Klatch….