Take Five- Love this Idea


My friend Steph runs “Be Positive Mom” (http://www.BePositiveMom.com). I love her idea of take five! Of course we all know what my take 5 would be- and no, of course, it is NOT cooking!!! And Sorry to say Dad, it is NOT doing Math problems either :)

I spend my 5 minutes doing something crafty. Here are some of the things I can get done in my 5 minutes:

  • adding an embellishment to a project I have already started
  • fixing up a photo for a scrapbook page,
  • painting or inking a background page
  • stamping some images to color in later
  • reading a chapter in a book
  • cutting some shapes out of Kraft Glassine
  • embossing some cardstock
  • edging some card mats

Get my drift? There’s a lot you can do in those 5 minutes! The problem is to avoid going to 6, 7, 8 minutes! However, with busy Mom’s schedules like they are, there is usually somewhere you need to be or something you need to do that will force that session to come to a close. But rather than eliminating it altogether, take those 5 minutes for yourself. Whatever your passions is, 5 minutes of fun will make your day a whole lot brighter!!

Here’s what I did in 5:

Ok- I lied &#59;). The title took longer that 5 minutes. I added the word “Take” afterwards in Photoshop. What do you think of the letters? Not bad for my first attempt at emulating the Kraft Glassine in Photoshop. I will keep working at it and when I get it the way I like it, I will post on how to do it.

P.S. I will also post on how to make those brackets. See if you can figure out which Tim Holtz Sissix die is used for those &#59;)

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