Tim Holtz Kraft Glassine Anti-Grunge Pocket with Embossing

The other day I was playing around again with Tim Holtz Kraft Glassine and I decided that I wanted a Grunge look, but this project was for a girl. So, I didn’t really want it to be the typically dark grunge look. More on that later.  First, I embossed the Glassine using a cool technique I came up with using paper. Here is the way I did it-

Use any die or punch (or scissors if you are a good cutter, unlike me :D ) to cut some shapes out of plain white cardstock. Do this 4 times using the same shape. I used the nameplate from the Tag die by Tim Holtz for Sissix. Stack the shapes together, and to make it easier for them to stay together as a single stack, use glue or tape to stick all the layers together.

Place this stack on to the Sissix die cutting system. You need to use a plastic cutting panel on top of the Sissix platform, then place the paper stack you created. This is then covered  with the glassine. You then need to place the Sissix embossing mat on top of the Glassine. Finally, a second plastic cutting mat is placed on top. You might need a couple of pieces of paper as shims to get a deeper embossed image, although the glassine can rip if it embosses too deep. This whole sandwich is rolled through the Sissix machine and the Glassine is embossed in the shape of the paper stack that you created from the die cutouts.

Note, you can do this same technique using other die cutting systems. For instance, the Accucut machine has a platform that fits in the cutting tray and this allows you to use thinner dies. Using this platform and the normal cutting pads all you need to find is an embossing mat. I have used a couple of sheets of thin “Fun Foam” although this does not give quite the same depth as a silicone based embossing mat. I have used the embossing mat from the Wizard or Sissix die cutting system and that works great.

The final step was the “grunge” step. Again, because this was for a girl, I wanted a lighter look. I decided to use white Stayzon to ink the edges and bring out the embossing. This made the Glassine look like it was sanded. Here is the result, a tag with a pocket that is perfect to tuck in a check for a Graduation gift…


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